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November 06-10, 2017

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Going Static

Nov 14, 2016

session: 1 (see session times to right)

level: Intermediate

This live session was recorded and is now viewable on Adobe Connect...

For those of us used to app servers, we love the power to easily build dynamic web sites. But for many cases, our app server is far overpowered for what we actually need. By using a Static Site Generator, we can combine the power of an app server locally with the ease of deployment of static files when done. The best of both worlds! In this session I'll explain what SSGs do and show a few examples. I'll also talk about how to add dynamic aspects back in (like comments, or forms) and deployment options.

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Presented by: Raymond Camden

Ray is a developer advocate for IBM. His primary technical focus is on LoopBack, Node.js, web standards and client-side development. Most of his time is spent writing, researching, or presenting. When he is not behind a computer, he is an avid XBox/PS4 player, enjoy movies, and read like crazy. Raymond can be reached at his blog (www.raymondcamden.com), @raymondcamden on Twitter, or via email at raymondcamden@gmail.com.