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Debugging Production Applications

Nov 19, 2015

session: 2 (see session times to right)

level: Beginner

This live session was recorded and is now viewable on Adobe Connect...

In this talk we'll show how you can find the bugs that can drive you the most crazy... the ones that only happen in production. 

Production environments often contain bugs that weren't found during development and testing due to differences such as scale, load, data, configuration and many other factors. Finding bugs in CF applications while they're running in production poses a unique set of challenges, but it is possible to get them!

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Presented by: Darren Pywell

Darren Pywell is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Intergral, the makers of the FusionReactor Application Performance Monitor.

Darren has over 25 years of experience working at a senior technical level and is responsible for architecting Intergral‚ innovative products. Darren has been using and working with ColdFusion since 1997.