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November 06-10, 2017

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Postman Path to ColdBox APIs

Nov 8, 2017

session: 2 (see session times to right)

level: Advanced

This live session was recorded and is now viewable on Adobe Connect...

Building APIs is a mix of front and back end. Postman is so much more than people understand. We will take a deeper dive in building ColdBox APIs using Postman to mock APIs, test APIs, monitor APIs and more.

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Presented by: John Farrar

Life for me began as a child of a US Navy family. My parents were loving and connected. They provided me with a fortunate childhood. It is very plain that my mother and father's ethics and values have greatly influence who I have become and many of the values that are wired into my core.

My career began in the Navy working on Flight Simulators, big ones with giant visual screens and full hydraulic motion platforms. The concept of using technology to accelerate and expand education has been a life long passion for me. In the Navy they referred to our job rating as the jack of all trades. It shifted eventually to the internet and software development for devices and web sites. Eventually my skills and experience were used for public speaking and becoming the author of multiple books.

Through my faith, it is also a core belief that the measure of a person is bigger than his/her vocation and economic positions over life. Certainly economics play a core role, but it does not complete the picture. It is no surprise that family and community have such a valued place in my sense of purpose in life. Watching friends and family deal with challenges, as well as dealing with my own has been an inspiration for me to consider how we all influence our future.

My longer trail of professional experience has been working with the application of technology. SOSApps is the division at SOSensible Group, LLC. Technology is an answer to doing business, not the focus. Tools, a.k.a. tech, should never come before understanding what makes a business tick. (Hint: Don't let technology distract you from knowing what makes business thrive. )

In recent years a growing passion for understanding how people thrive in life has been inspired by walking with friends, fellow workers and family dealing with challenges and watching how some seem to have an ability to win. This is the drive for our new focus, Life Vision Quest.