At Ortus, we pride ourselves in delivering relevant and engaging content, that's why decided to host two workshops this August!

You'll have the opportunity to attend the following workshops: 


Containerizing CFML Applications Workshop

Date: August 20th

Instructor: Jon Clausen


In this workshop, you will gain knowledge and proficiency in utilizing Docker containers to develop and deploy ColdFusion (CFML) applications. Be it to docker swarms and or many orchestration services. Get ready to send your applications out in to the great wide world of containerization! For tickets, click here!


CommandBox Zero to Hero Workshop

August 27th - 28th

Instructor: Brad Wood


CommandBox is an indispensable tool for the modern CFML developer.  Whether you're using it for local development, or production deployment, this workshop will start with the basics of using CommandBox CLI in your everyday workflow.  We'll show basic command line usage, helpful modules, and tips/tricks for being fast and efficient.  Day 1 will cover package management, CLI scripting with Task Runners, and extending CommandBox with modules.  Day 2 will be a deep dive into server management with CommandBox.  We've review all the JSON files you need to know about to spin up servers easily and cover how to deploy to production on CommandBox, whether in Docker or with the Service Manager module. As an added bonus, we'll be offering a free license of the CommandBox Service Manager module to attendees. For tickets and more info, click here!