Luis Majano

July 09, 2014

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We are incredibly excited to bring you ProfileBox version 1.1.0 today.  This release brings in some code efficiency, Adobe ColdFusion 11 support, a new trial version and some CacheBox metric frequency improvements.  The most significant update to this release is that now you can test drive ProfileBox for 30 days and see what insight you can get from your ColdBox based applications.  You can also now deploy ProfileBox with any Adobe ColdFusion 11 application and get some metric Goodness!

If you are not familiar with ProfileBox, ProfileBox is a ColdBox module that will provide you with profiling, metrics, CacheBox reports, custom object metrics, exception notifications, LogBox integration and much more for any ColdBox 3.5 application via Intergral's FusionReactor Server monitor application for both Adobe ColdFusion and Railo.  

We have put together a getting started video and guide so you can check ProfileBox out and see how it can help you in your development, testing and production process.


Visit our product page here to purchase or try out ProfileBox!

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Jul 09, 2014 16:55:47 UTC

by Scott Busche

Congrats on the release! As an FYI all your blog posts appear twice in the mailing list. Once as "Ortus Solutions" and then again as "Ortus Solutions, Corp Blog RSS Feed by ContentBox".

Jul 09, 2014 17:04:23 UTC

by Brad Wood

Thanks for the note Scott. Our blogs are so important we think everyone should read them twice :) I sent Ray a note to disable the duplicate listing we seem to have in there.

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