We are excited to announce an update to our quick docs API module. You can find our new UI and new API docs collections in the same address apidocs.coldbox.org. However, we will be migrating them to the Ortus Solutions website in the coming weeks. The update includes lots of visual and searching improvements for any API documentation created by DocBox, our API documentation library.

Try it out!

API Selector Improvements

You can now see that you can select any API not only from ColdBox but for any Ortus Solutions product as well.

UI Search Improvements

The entire UI has been updated to our new consistent look and of course using ColdBox Elixir for asset pipeline and management. Autocomplete has been improved with some nicely needed caching.

Bigger Viewer

We have also improved the viewport of the embedded API visualizer as well so you can get a nicer look and feel of the API documentation.