MockBox 1.2 Released!

Luis Majano March 19, 2010

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Luis Majano

March 19, 2010

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I am happy to announce today a new release for MockBox: version 1.2. This can be downloaded standalone or via ColdBox 3.0.0 Nightly. This release brings in some more stability, faster code generation and some new functionality for you mock enthusiasts!

Version 1.2

  • Added new method: $verifyCallCount(count,[methodName]) that can assert how many times a component's methods have been called, or how many times a specific method has been called. Basically, it returns a boolean according to the passed expected count calls.
  • mockMethodCallCount() the method name is now optional and it will return to you the TOTAL number of calls that have been made for ALL methods in the mocked CFC.
So these new cool additions help out whenever you want to know how many times ANY method has been called on the mocked object.  And if that is not specific enough you can specify a method name parameter and it can tell you how many calls a method has or you can verify behavior with it.  Also, don't forget version 1.1 introduced the querySim() method so you can simulate/mock queries! Anyways, as we move forward we have some cool new additions planned for version 1.3 that will help even more in your testing and mocking capabilities.  Stay tuned!! security = getMockBox().createMock(""); //No calls yet assertTrue( security.$verifyCallCount(0) ); security.$("isValidUser",false); security.isValidUser(); // Asserts assertTrue( security.$verifyCallCount(1) ); assertTrue( security.$verifyCallCount(1,"isValidUser") ); security.$("authenticate",true); security.authenticate("username","password"); assertTrue( security.$verifyCallCount(2) ); assertTrue( security.$verifyCallCount(1,"authenticate") );

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