A digital transformation is sweeping Latin America and companies are opening up to innovate and modernize. Open-source technologies provide a framework and facilitate the move into said digital transformation. As such, El Salvador was chosen as the first city to host Into The Box LATAM.


The government of El Salvador through the Department of Innovation recognized the importance of modernization and as such, gave us their full support. With more than 100 attendees, we were able to showcase through a series of sessions, how ColdFusion and open-source technologies can be useful in web development, app creations, among others. “Web-development through open-source is the only way of making innovation go hand in hand with the needs of companies and people, this conference permitted attendees to learn more about the open-source implementations that are changing the world,” said Luis Majano, CEO of Ortus Solutions.


Through these 7 sessions, attendees learned practical lessons about how to get out of “legacy hell,” web development based on micro services and containers, the transformation of monolithics to bigger platforms using HVMC and micro services, how to modernize your front-end using Vue.js, ElasticSearch, Quasar applications, and how to create efficient working teams. We even had a representative from Amazon who talked about his experiences and the transformation of AWS.


We ended the day with a series of raffles, where lucky winners took home several prizes. Not only was this a success, but we were happy to see that attendees had enjoyed and learned along the way.

The importance of modernizing and innovating lies in the fact that it is a key component for success. Raising awareness about CFML will only lead to a more prepared work force and will make youth more competitive in their endeavors. We are looking forward to many other conferences like these and we can’t to see what the future has in store!

For pictures of the event, click here