Into the Box 2024 - Keynote Recap Day 2

Maria Jose Herrera May 31, 2024

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Maria Jose Herrera

May 31, 2024

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Welcome to our Keynote Recap: Day 2!

Keynote Day 2 at Into the Box 2024 was a landmark event for modern CFML developers. Ortus Solutions delivered a series of exciting updates and announcements that promise to redefine the development experience. Here’s a recap of the highlights

Blog Post Index

  1. State of ColdBox
    1. 7.x ColdBox Recap Release
    2. 8.x ColdBox Release
  2. CBDebugger
    1. CBDebugger v4.0
    2. CBDebugger c4.2
    3. Live Request Debugging
    4. Overview Dashboard
    5. Coming Soon!
  3. State of ContentBox
    1. 5.x Series - Aug 2021
    2. 6.x Series - June 2023
    3. Recap of Releases v6.x
    4. Content Templates
    5. Smart Relocations
    6. ContentBox 6: CBFS
    7. ElasticSearch for ContentBox
    8. ContentBox v7: What’s New?
  4. State of CommandBox
    1. CommandBox 6 Release Recap 5.CommandBox Pro
    2. CommandBox Pro Multi-Site
    3. Site Configurations
    4. CommandBox Installer
    5. Docker: CommandBox Pro 6
    6. New: Iron Bank CommandBox Images
  5. CBWire News and Updates
    1. What is CBWire?
    2. Why CBWire?
    3. What isn’t CBWire?
    4. CBWire v4 IS HERE!
    5. CBWire Case Study
  6. State of QB
  7. State of Quick
  8. State of Hyper
  9. State of CBQ
  10. ColdBox Vite Plugin 12.State of Megaphone 13.CBSecurity Passkeys
  11. Life is more than Software
  12. Missions We Support 16.Watch the Live Keynote Recording on Youtube
  13. Follow our socials and support our tools and projects

State of ColdBox

18th Anniversary!

  • 6.x Series on LTS
  • 7.x Series - May 2023
  • 8.x Series Planning has begun
  • Quick Stats
    • 600+ ColdBox Modules
    • 3000+ Pull Requests
    • 188K Installs in the past 12 months

BoxLang Multi-Runtime

7.x ColdBox Recap Release

  • WireBox Delegates
  • Hierarchical & Module Injectors
  • Lazy Properties, Property Observers
  • Transient Performance Caching
  • Whoops Enhanced!
  • ColdBox-cli
  • Enhanced Scheduled Tasks
  • 70+ Different Enhancements

8.x ColdBoxRelease

  • BoxLang was added as a supported Engine
  • Adding new Adobe/Lucee Engines
  • BoxLang Compiled Version
  • Major CacheBox Revamp
  • Same Name Modules
  • Module Injectors and Awareness
  • More Scheduled task Enhancements
  • More Async Constructs

BoxLang Multi-Runtime

CBDebugger News and Updates

CBDebugger v4.0

  • CB7 + New CFML Engines
  • Timer Delegates
  • Adobe Full SQL Profiling
  • Timer Metadata Support
  • IDE Integration: renderings, handlers, models, etc.
  • Slowest requests
  • Slowest SQL
  • DB Time Percentages
  • Export and Share a Request Profiler
  • Profile Sorting
  • Much Much More…

CBDebugger v4.2

  • Testing Detection Mode
  • New Collectors
    • Hyper
    • Lucee SQL
  • Timer a-la-carte measurements
  • Tiny SQL/JSON Formatter
  • Heap Dump Snapshots
  • Brand New Docs

Live Request Debugging by Scott Steinbeck

  • Comprehensive Performance Monitoring
    • Detailed Metrics on Response Times
    • System Resource Usage
    • Individual Route Performance
  • Extensive Error and Exception Tracking
    • Real-time error logging
    • Detailed Analysis Capabilities
  • Full Database Query Profiling
    • Logging of all Database Interactions
    • Identifying slow and inefficient queries
  • Detailed Request Timeline
    • Visual Timeline Views
    • Route-specific Performance Data

BoxLang Multi-Runtime

Overview Dashboard

  • Memory, CPU & Storage Monitor
  • Cache Hits/Misses/Hit Rate
  • Slow Database Queries
  • Slow & Invalid Routes
  • Top Exceptions
  • 404 Page Monitor
  • Slow Outgoing Requests
  • Slow Jobs
  • Outdated Modules
  • Slow Tracers

Coming Soon!

  • Complete UI Update
  • ColdBox 6, 7, 8 Support
  • BoxLang Ready


State of ContentBox

  • 5.x Series - Aug 2021
    • One of our most aggressive releases
    • Major Architectural Shift
    • Renewed Investment
  • 6.x Series - June 2023
    • Continues the work of 5 toward the future

BoxLang Multi-Runtime

Recap of ContentBox Release v6.x

  • Blazing Fast Performance with ColdBox 7!
  • Redesigned Menu Manager and Admin Bar
  • Redesigned Admin Theme
  • Admin reactivity enhancements using Alpine JS
  • Content Templates
  • Automatic and Manual Redirects
  • CBFS-integrated Media Manager
  • API and Headless Deployment Updates

ContentBox 6: Content Templates

  • It can be configured for all content types.
  • Enforces the completion of defined fields in the editor to ensure consistency
  • Top-level content items may define templates for child content.

ContentBox 6 : Smart Relocations

  • As content is moved in the site tree, historical redirects are added to prevent broken links and improve historical SEO retention.
  • Manual relocations may be added for inbound URLs.
  • Extension detection for legacy sites allows old CFM files to migrate effortlessly to CMS content.

ContentBox 6: CBFS

  • All media operations now use CBFS
  • Configure system and site-level disks to allow for local or cloud storage ( S3 )
  • Media providers updated to optimize and reduce the memory footprint of upload and download operations.

ElasticSearch for ContentBox

  • ContentBox companion module, which enables Elasticsearch as the default search provider
  • Easy customization of boosting and scoring fields • Search both CMS content and Files (using ES ingest attachment plugin)
  • The search index includes all page-rendered content for better SEO relevancy.
box install contentbox-elasticsearch

ContentBox v7: What’s Next…

  • BoxLang Compatibility
  • BoxLang Compiled Version
  • CBOpenAI for AI-generated content assistance
  • Visual & Reusable Custom Fields
  • New Admin
  • New Themes
  • Block Editor
  • New File Manager UI
  • Continue Migration to AlpineJS

State of CommandBox

  • 11 Years Old
  • CommandBox 6 Released!
  • 47 Total Releases
  • 25 Tickets Closed This Year
  • 300+ Pull Requests Closed
  • An Active Community of Contributors

BoxLang Multi-Runtime

CommandBox 6 Release Recap

  • Java 17 Support (preliminary)
  • Multi-Server functionality -> one server.json to rule them all!
  • CommandBox Pro, with our most popular modules!
  • Library Updates (Security)
  • Override package install paths
  • So much more…

CommandBox Pro

BoxLang Multi-Runtime

A professionally supported version of CommandBox that includes several exclusive features and benefits. It also consists of a business SLA that can be customized if needed.

In two flavors now:

  • Standalone License for Adobe / Lucee
  • Included with a BoxLang+ or ++ Subscription

CommandBox Pro Multi-Site

  • Fully-featured Web Server built into CommandBox
  • Host as many separate websites as you like
  • There is no need for any front-end web server or ModCFML
  • Supports separately configurable rewrites, lockdowns, virtual directories, and other settings on a per-site basis
  • Supports unlimited HTTP/SSL/AJP bindings, SSL certs, and host headers
  • Newly expanded server.json format
  • Blazing fast and all built on JBoss Undertow
  • Allows your CFML servers to be simplified down to a single moving part

BoxLang Multi-Runtime

Site Configurations

  • HTTP/SSL/AJP bindings
  • Server Rules (rewrites)
  • Aliases/Virtual dirs
  • Access logs
  • Lockdown settings (Block CF Admin, Block flash remoting, etc.)
  • Security (Basic auth, Client cert auth)
  • Error pages (404, 500, etc)
  • Mime types
  • GZip predicate
  • Welcome files
  • Directory Browsing

And there’s more…

BoxLang Multi-Runtime

Welcome CommandBox Installer!

  • Windows Installer!
  • Easy way to get up and running with CommandBox!
  • Installs in a single location for all users
  • Includes:
    • Best practices for configuring it
    • Shell integration

Docker: CommandBox Pro 6

1.54 Million Pulls & Counting

The State of the Container

  • 17 Release Versions since May 2023
  • Most widely used Base Image for CFML on Docker!
  • CommandBox 6 builds now include support for multi-server containers.

New: Iron Bank CommanBox Images

  • For DoD and Federal Government Developers and IT Support
  • Hardened Container Images, suitable for air-gapped environments and AWS/Azure Gov Clouds
  • Weekly vulnerability scans and threat-assessment analysis
  • Four Current Flavors:
    • Base Image ( Lucee Light )
    • Lucee 5 • Adobe 2018
    • Adobe 2021
    • Adobe 2023

Iron Bank

CBWire Updates

What is CBWIRE?

  • Single-page Apps
  • File uploads
  • Loading State
  • Client-side Events
  • CFML/ColdBox
  • Reactive UI Components
  • HTML Over-the-wire
  • Polling
  • HTML Directives
  • Server-side Events
  • Realtime Form Validation
  • SOM Diffing

Why CBWire?

  • Build Faster
  • Modernize New And Old
  • Tools You Love

ContactForm.cfc: Data Properties Actions Rendering

Contact Form.cfm: Template HTML Directives Magic

What Isn’t CBWIRE?

  • Vue.js / React
  • UI Kit
  • State Management
  • JavaScript Compilation
  • Back-end APIs
  • Opinionated JavaScript
  • Standalone Framework
  • Page Refreshing
  • Component Styling


For the past 4 years, it has been a tradition to unveil CBWire version updates at Into the Box since 2021; we aim to continue delivering excellent support and modern tools for many years!

New Features

  • wire:navigate
  • Smaller
  • Doc Improvements
  • Better Validation
  • Execute JS
  • Lazy Loading
  • Teleport
  • Faster
  • Streaming ( ChatGPT )
  • Rewrite
  • Request Bundling
  • Template Preprocessor

CBWire Case Study

Michael Rigsby

Michael shared with us the TOP reasons for using CBWire:

  • 24 years of CF development leaves you with many legacy applications, many clients wanting to update, and even fewer with a budget for a complete overhaul
  • Getting Coldbox & CBWire running in a legacy application is one of the fastest routes to adding modern functionality to a legacy app while progressing.
  • Front-end Framework (CSS & js) agnostic so that it can be used with pretty much any
  • So much less JS is needed for a reactive web application
  • I can create reactive and dynamic elements that can easily be re-used anywhere in my application, i.e., dashboard widgets.
  • Calling wire functions directly in JS & emitting client-side JS events from the wire

State of QB

  • Add the ability to pretend to run queries
  • Great in combination with commandbox-migrations
  • Set a default schema in SchemaBuilder
  • Add findOrFail and existsOrFail methods
  • crossApply and outerApply support (for supported Grammars)
  • Alias renaming using withAlias.
  • BindingsCommenter for SQL Commenter
  • addIndex method for SchemaBuilder alter statements
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

State of Quick!

  • ICYMI: Add support to run QuickBuilder queries as qb queries including eager loading
  • withSum subselect helper
  • New hasManyDeep and hasManyDeepBuilder relationships.
  • hasManyThrough is now powered by hasManyDeep
  • More readable SQL output and better performance!
  • Support for qb’s SQL Commenter implementation
  • Lots of bug fixes

State of Hyper

  • Added asXML and asBinary support
  • head and options shortcut methods
  • isCreated status check method
  • Return more accurate status codes for Bad Gateway and Request Timeout responses
  • Faking Requests — perfect for testing!
  • Easier custom clients using WireBox and registerAs
  • Send cookies with HyperRequest and view parsed cookies in HyperResponse
  • Retry Handling
  • Custom HyperCFML User-Agent
  • And, of course, bug fixes

State of CBQ

  • v3.0.0 released at ITB 2024!
  • Persistent job records
  • Clean up tasks for job records, failed jobs, and batches
  • Clean shutdown of worker pools when reiniting ColdBox
  • Better locking of records for the DatabaseProvider
  • Restrict interception execution using jobPattern annotation
  • before and after lifecycle methods

ColdBox Vite Plugin

  • Getting started with Vite in your ColdBox app
  • Jump start your development with the ColdBox Vite template or the Quick Tailwind Inertia template.

State of Megaphone

  • New ColdBox Module alert!
  • Send notifications to your users
  • Send via multiple channels (Database, Mail, Slack, etc.)
  • User-specific notification channels
  • Write your own Providers!

cbSecurity Passkeys

  • New ColdBox Module alert!
  • Add Passkey support to your ColdBox application using cbSecurity
  • Handle registration and authentication
  • Check out the session later today!

Life is more than software.

Life encompasses much more than just the digital or professional realm. It's important to remember that you are not alone. If you are struggling, please reach out for support. We want to see you excel in your projects and thrive in life, finding joy and balance in all you do.

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Relive the Highlights of Day 2

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