ContentBox v4.2.0 Released

Luis Majano January 14, 2019

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Luis Majano

January 14, 2019

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Today we are very excited to bring you the release of ContentBox v4.2.0. This is a minor release of ContentBox and it sports tons of new updates, improvements and bug fixes including a major upgrade to ColdBox v5.3 which in itself gives us tons of new updates and features.

Here are the what's new guides for our release:


If you are already in a 4.x release just go to your root of your project, startup CommandBox and issue the following commands:

update coldbox
update contentbox

That's it!

Getting Started

To get started with ContentBox, you can easily do via CommandBox CLI CommandBox and the following commands:

mkdir mysite --cd
install contentbox-installer
server start

This will create a new site for you and startup a server so you can work with your site. If Docker and containers are your thing, we got you covered as well:

docker pull ortussolutions/contentbox &&
docker run -p 8080:8080 \
-e EXPRESS=true \
-e INSTALL=true \

Tip: Check out our Installation guides for much more installation variations.

Upgrading From 3.x

If you have a previous ContentBox installation, no worries, just make sure you are at the latest version 3.7.1 before running the simple upgrade recipe. You will find an in-depth guide on upgrading your installation here:

Release Notes


  • [CONTENTBOX-1070] - AdminBar not showing up anymore
  • [CONTENTBOX-1071] - When cloning a content object, the markup type is not copied over
  • [CONTENTBOX-1074] - contentbox-security/interceptors/CheckForForceTwoFactorEnrollment.cfc is fireing on too many events
  • [CONTENTBOX-1076] - cb helper getCurrentCustomFields() does not check for null custom field arrays
  • [CONTENTBOX-1084] - Remove spaces from fb.min.js filenames in Filebrowser handler
  • [CONTENTBOX-1085] - Preflight check has a race condition where duplicate settings can be inserted and stop app from starting
  • [CONTENTBOX-1086] - Hello user module is missing version property - error when populating module config
  • [CONTENTBOX-1088] - Deactivate modules if its directory does not exist in disk
  • [CONTENTBOX-1091] - Widgets do not appear in panel until Reinit
  • [CONTENTBOX-1092] - Folders in a module's widgets directory are treated as components
  • [CONTENTBOX-1093] - Widgets - insert button missing
  • [CONTENTBOX-1094] - CommentForm blowing up on previews on empty content objects
  • [CONTENTBOX-1097] - Exception when import permission groups in a user
  • [CONTENTBOX-1098] - Content types .print and .doc not rendered
  • [CONTENTBOX-1099] - ACF blows up with async orm announcements
  • [CONTENTBOX-1100] - Page preview not working throwing exception on missing layout
  • [CONTENTBOX-1101] - Generated Meta Description showing HTML

New Features


  • [CONTENTBOX-497] - Move importer/exporters models from main contentbox module
  • [CONTENTBOX-1069] - Refactor ContentBox UI to leverage the routing service instead of the SES interceptor
  • [CONTENTBOX-1075] - Performance: settingService key cb_enc_key is called for each request
  • [CONTENTBOX-1077] - page, comments are requested for each page view even if they are disabled
  • [CONTENTBOX-1078] - Refactor the retrieval of ui categories to increase performance, lazy load for the win
  • [CONTENTBOX-1081] - Current markup type and current editor are not shown as selected
  • [CONTENTBOX-1082] - Upgrade messagebox to new version
  • [CONTENTBOX-1083] - Upgrade cborm to support ACF2018

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