Gavin Pickin

August 02, 2016

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We are happy to announce, ContentBox 3.0 FINAL is now available to the public. After a lot of hard work, we are finally ready to cut the release. With 100+ issues included in this release, this major release is nothing short of massive. With ColdBox 4 updates, Theme updates, Enterprise updates, Security Updates, JSON Support and Exports, Native Markdown Support, Autosave and much more, this major release has something for everyone. ContentBox 3.1.0 is already in development as well and can be installed via CommandBox using the contentbox@be Identifier.

Alongside the release we have many other announcements around the CMS. So get ready!



New Website

With the release comes a brand new marketing website for ContentBox CMS: You will find great overviews, case studies and much more in our new website, which of course is powered by ContentBox as well.

Documentation Book & What's New Guide!

We are also happy to announce we now have released our documentation book for ContentBox (adding more every day) which is available to read online or download as PDF, ePub or Mobi formats. Find out what's new here, and the rest of our documentation.

New Themes

We have created a new organizaton in Github we lovingly call the contentbox-themes organization: You can find all of our official themes here which are now over 10 themes with 40 more underway.

Upgrading from ContentBox 2.0 to 3.0

If you already have a ContentBox 2.X installation you will have to follow this guide in order to update your installation.

Please note that ContentBox 3 is a major upgrade and will require some manual steps on your part in order to have a seamless upgrade. We built a special module to help with the upgrade process, since so much of the core architecture has been updates moving from 2.x to 3.0. Please follow the guide linked above, and always make sure you back up your site, and your database before attempting an upgrade. If you have created custom themes or modules, you will have to update those yourself.

What's new in ContentBox 3 Final

We have been very busy since we cut the ContentBox 3.0 Relase Candidate (read about everything included in that here), but we've added even more features, bug fixes and enhancements while in Release Candidate. You can see the major updates below:

Added messageType and message to security rules

Security rules were already powerful, but now they are more flexible. You can specify a messageType and message to be passed onto the redirecting url, to allow meaningful messagebox messages.

Updated for ForgeBox 2.0 release

Modules Widgets and Themes are powered by ForgeBox, and ContentBox 3 now supports brand new ForgeBox 2.0.

Added an SEO Panel + Added a HTML Title SEO Property

SEO is important to CMS users, with this in mind, we added a SEO panel to the edit Blog / Page to make it easier to get to all the SEO settings easily in one place. We also added a SEO Title attribute for Blogs and Pages to give you more control, in addition to keywords and descriptions.

Updated Themes to support optionsUDF for dynamic theme settings

Theme Settings have had a lot of upgrades ( see more here), one more we added was the ability to have Theme Settings that dynamically populate the options based on a UDF. This overrides the normal behavior which caches all settings options on the Theme activation. This gives your theme more power to tap into database options.

Update Theme Settings UI - Converted to Collapsible Accordion Style for better visualization

With all the updates to themes, themes are more complex now, and you will have more and more theme settings. In addition to using Groups to organize your settings, now your setting groups are displayed in accordion style, for better visualization.

Release Notes

There are so many tickets and issues closed that the best way to view them is in our Jira Instance. You can find links for them below:

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