CommandBox 4.4.0 Released

Brad Wood November 04, 2018

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Brad Wood

November 04, 2018

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We are pleased to announce a minor maintenance release of CommandBox. Version 4.4.0 is released just in time for CFCamp with a handful of fixes and a few nice features.   I'm writing this up on the plane on my way to Germany for CFCamp so I'll be brief :)  

Many of the cool new features came as pull requests for the community.  Thanks a ton to everyone who contributed!


We have updated all the usual download locations including HomeBrew and the main download links on our site.  To upgrade, just grab the latest box binary and replace the old one.


All the docs have been updated for the 4.4.0 version and can be accessed here:

New Features

Here's a few notable features coming to you in CommandBox 4.4.0.

Iterate over JSON with foreach command

The foreach command which was introduced recently and allows you to iterate over any list of input and run a command using each item in the list has been enhanced to also allow you to iterate from the CLI over any JSON string that you pipe in.

package show dependencies | foreach

Directory Watchers have more data

Now when you create a directory watcher in a task runner or custom command, you can not only get notified when something in that directory changes, but you also now receive a list of files added, removed, and modified.

    .onChange( function( paths ) {
            .line( '#paths.added.len()# paths were added!' )
            .line( '#paths.removed.len()# paths were removed!' )
            .line( '#paths.changed.len()# paths were changed!' )            ;
    } )

New "coldbox watch-reinit" command

Thanks to Scott Steinbeck, we have a new command called coldbox watch-reinit.  This will watch for changes to certain files in your project and will automatically issue a framework reinit when you edit things like configs or services.  

package set reinitWatchPaths= "config/**.cfc,models/**.cfc,ModuleConfig.cfc"
coldbox watch-reinit

Color all the JSONs

Thanks to John Berquist, CommandBox now has sweet color coding any time it outputs JSON to the screen.  Try it out by running something like "server show". 

Users can also customize the colors they see for JSON with the following config settings:

  • json.ansiColors.constant
  • json.ansiColors.key
  • json.ansiColors.number
  • json.ansiColors.string

Setting values can be any color name from the system-colors command.

New Gist endpoint

Thanks to Jason Steinshouer we have a new Gist endpoint for installing code from a public Gist.

install gist:b6cfe92a08c742bab78dd15fc2c1b2bb

4.4.0 Release Notes


  • [COMMANDBOX-876] - testbox watcher shows error when test fail
  • [COMMANDBOX-881] - Tab complete doesn't work on param values with spaces
  • [COMMANDBOX-882] - Long lines wrap in interactive jobs
  • [COMMANDBOX-887] - Exact versions don't update from ForgeBox when manually changed.
  • [COMMANDBOX-895] - Passing positional args to task errors with required param

New Feature


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