Luis Majano

October 19, 2008

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The ColdBox Website has been updated with several new sections and content.  The most new prominent areas are the Flickr Photostream and the ColdBox Videos section that can be found under the Downloads tab that you can see above.  The training areas have been updated with very interesting testimonials and some video testimonials.  We have layed out also the foundation of the next ColdBox Seminar to be scheduled for either February or March of next year.  The location and date details are still to be determined.

The photostream is the ColdBox Flickr Group stream, so you can even participate and upload your ColdBox related photos. The latest photos will be broadcasted in the website as they are uploaded to the group.

The other major section is the new ColdBox Videos section.  This section will have the latest ColdBox related videos from our Vimeo Community.  We will be expanding the videos with tutorials, screen casts, events, training seminars and so much more. Again, since it is also a community, well you can also upload your very own ColdBox tutorials or screen casts and we will display them in the website.  Make everybody learn from your screen casts, so get to it.

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