ColdBox Platform v3.8.0 Released!

Luis Majano December 18, 2013

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Luis Majano

December 18, 2013

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logoWe are proud to announce ColdBox Platform release version 3.8.0 and ColdBox DevBox 2.5. This is an important release that addresses many important issues, but also introduces some great enhancements. Here is our "What's New" guideline:

This release includes updates to all of our major internal libraries as well as introducing our latest framework: TestBox.

Bugs Squashed

  • [COLDBOX-105] - HTMLHelper.entityFields() fails on binding entity for boolean select
  • [COLDBOX-184] - SES interceptor ommitting the context root or sub directory paths if they are found in the incoming route
  • [COLDBOX-185] - Fix for redirecting with mod_rewrite and the security interceptor
  • [COLDBOX-187] - cf8 incompat in request context
  • [COLDBOX-188] - First hit problem when using RequestContextDecorator
  • [COLDBOX-189] - error on threading async interceptors with buffer arguments
  • [COLDBOX-206] - Wrong Name in Debug Logging for IOC adapter with debugging messages enabled.
  • [COLDBOX-212] - Can't set a custom validation manager
  • [COLDBOX-213] - MailService overidding SSL with TLS exception property on mail objects
  • [COLDBOX-216] - ColdBox debug panel can be accessed without a password (even when one is set)
  • [COLDBOX-224] - Incorrect function return type in /coldbox/system/orm/hibernate/VirtualEntityService.cfc Line 167
  • [COLDBOX-232] - Changed Validators validation data to "any" from "string" to account for more flexibility

Improvements & New Features

  • [COLDBOX-160] - NULL Support in BeanPopulator
  • [COLDBOX-183] - Allow modules to override flash settings, flash now will build in aspects
  • [COLDBOX-197] - Added the isBinary to the renderdata() methods to allow for correct content-type delivery of custom content marshalling
  • [COLDBOX-201] - Ability to override events at any level NOT just the main event via "preEvent" interceptor
  • [COLDBOX-203] - Ability to get SQL string information from CriteriaBuilder
  • [COLDBOX-218] - Default reinit and debug hashed passwords
  • [COLDBOX-231] - HTMLHelper doesn't escape special characters when building HTML
  • [COLDBOX-200] - Register all base test cases as interceptors automatically when doing integration testing
  • [COLDBOX-215] - new population method: populateFromStructWithPrefix() so you can prefix structures like 'user_id', 'user_name'
  • [COLDBOX-223] - Security Interceptor allow for a "useSSL" property that is environment-based for defaulting it for rules
  • [COLDBOX-228] - Added content-size headers when using the file utilities sendFile() methods
  • [COLDBOX-229] - Ability to track and load multiple resource bundles instead of one
  • [COLDBOX-230] - Add ability to register multiple resource bundles in config
  • [COLDBOX-233] - Module i18n features with resource bundles
  • [COLDBOX-235] - Migrated all testing core features to TestBox

Thanks for always supporting us!


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