ColdBox JSMin Compressor

Luis Majano December 23, 2009

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Luis Majano

December 23, 2009

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Thanks to Henrik Joreteg we have now our very own ColdBox JSMin Compressor for js/css assets.  This plugin is a cool java/coldfusion integration and will compress your css and js assets on the fly and produce compressed versions of your assets.  It will also cache them and concatenate multiple assets into a single js/css file for even more optimizations. How easy?


So thanks Henrik, we now have ColdBox JSMin and what would a plugin be without documentation :)

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Dec 23, 2009 14:23:28 UTC

by Henrik Joreteg

Thanks for the props Luis. You're awesome for pulling this off so fast! One other thought. Some people have a very strong preference for XHTML vs HTML syntax. It may be nice to have an optional argument for outputting tags in either coding style, especially since HTML5 supports both. vs. Just a thought... totally awesome plugin though, I love it!

Jan 27, 2011 01:24:04 UTC

by Christian Meis

Just a side-note on incorrect examples here (thanks for help from the Google group ;-) ): Instead of getMyPlugin("JSMin").minify('includes/js/myscripts.js','includes/js/jquery.js')# You have to use getMyPlugin("JSMin").minify('includes/js/myscripts.js,includes/js/jquery.js')# to concatenate several files together. Note the difference in the list - it's a quoted list of filename, not a list of (individually) quoted filenames. Feel free to remove this comment after changing the wiki ;-)

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