ColdBox Elixir v3 Released

Eric Peterson January 21, 2019

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Eric Peterson

January 21, 2019

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After a lot of betas, we are happy to announce that ColdBox Elixir v3 is officially released! You can install it today via NPM:

npm install --dev coldbox-elixir

If you are still using ColdBox Elixir v2 this is a substantial upgrade switching from Gulp to Webpack. This brings major speed improvements to ColdBox Elixir as well as opening up access to the entire Webpack ecosystem.

While there have been some major changes to the API, the spirit of ColdBox Elixir remains the same. ColdBox Elixir provides a clean UI for configuring Webpack. It simplifies some common use cases like compiling styles and copying files. This is an example of compiling some javascript using Vue single-file components.

const elixir = require("coldbox-elixir");

module.exports = elixir(mix => {

Get an idea of what else you can do by checking out the docs.

ColdBox Elixir accounts for the 80% use case and fits in great with ColdBox conventions. If you find you are needing to modify the configuration a lot, you might be better suited with a different alternative. There's no problem with that. Your app may be better served by making a single-page app (SPA) that consumes a ColdBox-driven API. Use the right tool for your use case.

All the docs have been updated for the new version. You will want to especially check out the migration guide.

Good luck and happy bundling!

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