CBWIRE 2.2 Released

Maria Jose Herrera January 09, 2023

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Maria Jose Herrera

January 09, 2023

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We're excited to announce the release of CBWIRE 2.2. This release includes several added enhancements, such as new lifecycle hooks and simplified Turbo Drive integration. We changed the previous lifecycle hook of mount() to onMount() to be consistent, and several bugs were squashed.

The docs have been updated also.




CBWIRE-99: Implement lifecycle hook onHydrate().

CBWIRE-100: Implement lifecycle hook onHydrateProperty().

CBWIRE-103: Implement an automatic trim() for all data properties.

CBWIRE-124: Implement the ability to interact with CBWIRE component from JavaScript using cbwire.find( ‘#args._id#’ ).

CBWIRE-125: Add configuration setting ‘enableTurbo’ to automatically include everything needed to work with Turbo for single-page applications.

CBWIRE-130: Add the ability to call reset() without passing a key to reset all data properties to their original values.



CBWIRE-93: Implement onMount() method instead of mount().



CBWIRE-121: DocBox-generated docs are failing because of file structure.

CBWIRE-126: Listeners are being fired immediately when calling emit() when the listener is defined on the same component, which they shouldn’t.

CBWIRE-127: onHydrate() is firing after actions are performed.

CBWIRE-129: Computed properties are not being rendered before actions are called.


We are at the beginning of 2023 and we would love to hear from the community what you all want, need, and would like to see added to CBWIRE this year. This not only covers the module CBWIRE but also any suggestions on documentation, demos, CFCasts series, you name it! We want CBWIRE to provide as much value as possible to the community. How can we make it better?

As for our Ortusian, Grant Copley, He will be focusing on working on the following improvements of CBWire:

  • Websockets via Pusher
  • Additional lifecycle hooks and interception points
  • CBWIRE Mastery Series on CFCasts
  • Integration with ContentBox

Join our Ortus community to leave your comments and suggestions for this year's improvements: Ortus Community

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