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The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas 2017- Day 10 - Private ForgeBox Packages

Brad Wood |  December 23, 2017

For today's 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas blog, we're covering private ForgeBox packages.  This has been out for a while but we haven't talked a great deal about it.  The idea of private packages is that you want to have packages of code that you and your coworkers use to build your apps and you want to use ForgeBox to list them so you can have CommandBox manage their installation and updating versions.  However, these are internal packages that you don't to share with the rest of the world.  

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The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas 2017- Day 9 - Debugging Server Starts

Brad Wood |  December 22, 2017

For today's 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas we're going to review how to debug a server that don't want to start.  Figuring out why a server won't come up is usually very easy, but some people will waste a lot of time on it if they don't know how to access the logs.  Part of the issue is that the start command fires off an async process to actually start up the server, so you don't get much feedback right there in your console.

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The 12 Modules of (ForgeBox) Christmas — Day 9 — verify-csrf-interceptor

Eric Peterson |  December 22, 2017

I love modules that help me do the right thing in my code, especially when I often forget to do something. Today's module is very straight-forward — verify-csrf-interceptor — an interceptor that will automatically check for CSRF tokens for all non-GET requests to help protect against cross-site request forgery.

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The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas 2017- Day 8 - Custom Java Versions

Brad Wood |  December 21, 2017

As Christmas draws near, remember to pick up batteries for all those toys.  There's nothing worse than a Christmas morning with not enough AA's.  In fact, there's solid evidence that this entire holiday is a ruse to keep battery manufacturers in business.  They're probably kahoots with the peppermint latte guys.  Anyhoo, let's talk quickly about using custom versions of Java with CommandBox.  

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The 12 Modules of (ForgeBox) Christmas — Day 8 — CommandBox Githooks

Eric Peterson |  December 21, 2017

A short one but a good one today. Let's see how we can automate tasks with CommandBox Githooks.

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The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas 2017- Day 7 - Keeping up to date

Brad Wood |  December 20, 2017

For today's 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas, we'll talk about staying up to date when it comes to your CLI binary and the modules you have installed.  New versions of stuff come out all the time and you don't want to be stuck on an old version.  

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The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas 2017- Day 6 - Docker

Brad Wood |  December 19, 2017

In today's The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas we're going to discuss Docker. Containers are changing how the world deploys apps and services for development and production.  With Docker you don't need to ask around to find a good ColdFusion hosting company.  All you need is a company who supports Docker and you know you can deploy there.  Docker requires a shift in thinking though.  Smaller, transient servers that you don't install every time.  Portable configuration and flexible deployments based on text configuration files and environment variables.  Hey, that sounds right up CommandBox's alley!  

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The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas 2017- Day 5 - TestBox Run

Brad Wood |  December 18, 2017

For Christmas this year, why don't you give the gift of unit tests to everyone (including yourself) who may work on your app in the future.  Nothing else brings about the same amount of confidence in refactoring or assurance that your app still works on that new CF engine update you just installed.  While you use TestBox to write and run your tests, CommandBox has some commands built in to help you do it in style.  And most importantly, these CLI commands are perfect for automating your tests on your favorite CI server like Jenkins or Travis.

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The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas 2017- Day 4 - CFConfig

Brad Wood |  December 17, 2017

In this installment of The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas we'll talk about a CommandBox module called CFConfig that will make your life a whole lot easier.  A couple of days ago we covered the server.json file which helps you define what CF engine to use (Lucee, Adobe, etc) and your JVM settings and web server settings in a way that is easy to distribute to you coworkers.  There was one big thing missing though and that is all of the settings that you put in your ColdFusion administrator like datasources, CF mappings, and request timeouts.  Well, Christmas has come early this year because CFConfig is the piece of the puzzle that does that for you!

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The 12 Tips of (CommandBox) Christmas 2017- Day 3 - Publishing Packages

Brad Wood |  December 16, 2017

'Tis the season to share with others.  And what a perfect time to talk about sharing your CFML libraries!  How many times do you think CF devs have written the same libraries and integrations over and over, just to keep their work to themselves.  Giving your work back to the community is what makes the world go 'round and also makes the CF space more attractive to outside developers looking in.

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