CacheBox 1.1 Released!

Luis Majano October 07, 2010

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Luis Majano

October 07, 2010

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I am once again proud to announce another release in our ColdBox Platform stack: CacheBox 1.1CacheBox is an enterprise caching engine, aggregator and API for ColdFusion applications. It is part of the ColdBox 3.0.0 Platform but it can also function on its own as a standalone framework and use it in any ColdFusion application and in any ColdFusion framework.  This 1.1 release is the last release before our complete ColdBox 3.0.0 Platform is released in the coming months.

This release sports some cool new features in our roadmap and most of all solidification of our initial 1.0 release.  The milestone page for this release can be found in our Assembla Code Tracker. Here is a synopsis of the tickets closed:

  • 1065    finalize the cachebox listener registration defined in the configuration files.  You can now define listeners within ColdBox applications or standalone applications.
  • 1067    better transaction support for the JDBC storage to take advantage of read only transactions and serializable transactions
  • 1068    abstract the current reporting from the coldbox core to standalone reports.  You can now have gorgeous reporting for standalone mode of CacheBox.
  • 1069    Encapsulate the default configuration settings for the cacheBox provider from the logbox config to the cachebox provider itself.
  • 1071    finalize Railo providers for CacheBox.  CacheBox is now fully functional on Railo
  • 1074    COLDBOX.CACHE.REAP_XXX: The reap method was not found exceptions
  • 1075    concurrent soft reference store typo on instance.provider when it should be instance.cacheProvider when running JVM gc cleanups
  • 1081    new method shutdownCache(cache) to target a specific cache shutdown
  • 1091    new eviction policy LIFO
  • 1092    Added more error validation and new cache directory creation to DiskStores when directory does not exist

The major features of this release are the following:

Standalone Reports
CacheBox can now do reporting for its caches outside of ColdBox.  Not only that, but we have created a skinning approach so you can create your own skins for CacheBox reports.  We have even released a contest, sponsored by Ortus Solutions, so you can build a CacheBox skin and win a $75 Amazon gift card.

Railo Support
CacheBox is fully supported for Railo now and we have even solidified our Railo providers for both standalone and ColdBox applications.  We have also created the necessary machinery to create gorgeous reports for ANY railo cache provider.

Better Encapsulation & Performance
We have revisited the entire core and revised it for performance and solid encapsulation.

CacheBox Listeners
CacheBox 1.0 enabled listeners via ColdBox applications only.  Now in 1.1 we have enabled cache listeners for ANY ColdFusion application leveraging CacheBox.  You can now tap in to CacheBox's event model and have access to over 14 different cache life-cycle events.

and last but not least........

One of my favorite topics: Documentation.  The entire CacheBox documenation is now online and fully documented.  Not only that, but we will be introducing several screencasts and several CacheBox recipes in the coming months, so stay tuned.

We have also updated our ColdBox 3.0.0 training for complete CacheBox goodness.  We are having a 3 or 2 day training in Los Angeles just before Adobe MAX.  So if you are in the area or would like to attend this training, please visit this page for more information.

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