BoxLang Runtime for AWS Lambda!

Maria Jose Herrera June 05, 2024

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Maria Jose Herrera

June 05, 2024

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BoxLang: Announcing Lambda for the Win!

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to our serverless computing toolkit: the BoxLang Runtime for AWS Lambda! This new release enables you to seamlessly run BoxLang functions in AWS Lambda, providing a powerful and flexible way to develop serverless applications.

Please note. We are still in Open Beta, Anything can change.

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What is AWS Lambda?

AWS Lambda is a serverless computing service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. It automatically scales applications by running code that responds to events and allocating compute resources as needed, allowing developers to focus on writing code rather than managing infrastructure. Learn more about AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda

BoxLang Runtime for AWS Lambda

Our new BoxLang AWS Runtime allows you to execute Lambda.bx functions within the AWS Lambda ecosystem. We've also provided a handy template to help you get started with serverless computing using BoxLang.

Key Features

  • Default Lambda Handler: The runtime includes a pre-configured handler that accepts JSON inputs as a BoxLang Struct and outputs either simple or complex objects. The default handler is

Handler Code

  • Environment Variables: Customize your Lambda function with environment variables such as BOXLANG_LAMBDA_CLASS, BOXLANG_LAMBDA_DEBUGMODE, and BOXLANG_LAMBDA_CONFIG.

  • Default Template: Our default template is a Gradle project designed to streamline your development process. It includes everything from VSCode tasks to AWS Lambda utilities.

Review Template

Getting Started

  1. Download the Runtime:

    shellCopy code
    ./gradlew downloadBoxLang
  2. Run Tests:

    shellCopy code
    ./gradlew test
  3. Build the Project:

    shellCopy code
    ./gradlew build

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Example Lambda Function

Here's a simple example of a Lambda.bx function:

boxlangCopy code
    function run( event, context, response ){
        response.body = {
            "error": false,
            "messages": [],
            "data": "====> Incoming event " & event.toString()
        response.statusCode = 200;

Get Started

Deploying to AWS

  1. Create a Function: Log in to the Lambda Console and click on "Create function".
  2. Configure the Function: Add a function name, choose Java 21 as the runtime, and select x86_64 as the architecture.
  3. Upload Code: Upload your code as a zip/jar or from an S3 location.
  4. Set the Handler: Use as the handler.
  5. Test Your Function: Use the Test tab to create an event and test your function.

Deploy to AWS

Contribute and Explore

The source code for the AWS Runtime is available HERE. We welcome contributions, testing, and documentation improvements.

AWS Runtime

Get started with the BoxLang Runtime for AWS Lambda today and unlock the potential of serverless computing! Visit our GitHub repository for more details and to get started.

Happy coding!

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