A Magazine Feature on ColdBox

Maria Jose Herrera December 26, 2023

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Maria Jose Herrera

December 26, 2023

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A Spotlight on Ortus Solutions and ColdBox: Contributing to Latam's Tech Landscape


Just over a month ago, the Into the Box Latam event unfolded in El Salvador, providing us a platform to showcase our vision and initiatives. The event resulted in remarkable outcomes, offering us unique opportunities to share the story of Ortus Solutions, its projects, and our suite of tools and services designed to elevate web applications and enhance overall performance and services.

A significant highlight during this period was an engaging feature on Ortus Solutions, specifically spotlighting our flagship product, "ColdBox." This insightful piece was published by the esteemed digital magazine, "El Economista", renowned for its coverage of innovative projects and tools that shape the landscape for business owners, employees, and aspiring professionals in El Salvador and Latin America.

The article “ColdBox, the open-source software created by a Salvadoran” meticulously explores every facet of ColdBox's origin and its transformative impact on Coldfusion coding.

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“ColdBox: The open-source software created by a Salvadoran.”

ColdBox Magazine

“Luis Majano, a Salvadoran tech entrepreneur, left his home country at 17 to pursue computer engineering. Years later, his passion for technology led him to excel in software development, becoming a leading expert in the "Coldfusion" programming language.** In 2006, he founded Ortus Solutions, and the company's flagship product, Coldbox, gained widespread adoption with at least 200 major companies**, including NASA, General Electric, Adobe, and L'Oréal, utilizing his open-source code. In 2019, Majano returned to El Salvador, considering it a potential headquarters for Ortus Solutions.

With a team of 20 individuals, the company develops new versions of Coldbox and innovative technological products, contributing to the evolving tech landscape in El Salvador. Majano's vision is to expand his company and foster leadership and development initiatives within the local community, leveraging the potential of young Salvadorans in the tech sector.

"I wouldn't be here if it weren't for that progress I see. It's motivating to be able to undertake more initiatives. I want to form leaders." - Luis Majano, CEO Ortus Solutions

Luis Majano's impact extends beyond Ortus Solutions as he actively shares his knowledge through books, training, and conferences.His commitment to fostering technological growth in El Salvador is evident in plans to establish the main headquarters in the country, where teams from the United States and Spain can collaborate. Majano envisions creating leaders and supporting projects through partnerships with educational institutions, exemplified by his recent conference, "Into the Box," at the Escuela Superior de Economía y Negocios (ESEN).

Majano has ambitious plans, including focusing on Artificial Intelligence and supporting internship programs for students, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts interested in working with Ortus Solutions.”

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As you can see, these last few weeks have marked a step closer to fulfilling the purpose of Ortus Solutions Latam. As a company, we have been dedicated for years to strengthening the skills of professionals worldwide.

Five years ago, our work began in El Salvador and Latin America; today, we see the results of that labor reaching the ears of passionate professionals and students with a bright future. We also collaborate with leading innovation and technology companies that share our objectives.

Recently, we were alongside representatives from some of our sponsoring brands at Into the Box Latam, discussing the impact we aim to generate in the country. We delved into some of the technologies we want to introduce to revolutionize the web of the future and equip our human capital with cutting-edge skills and tools.

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A Grateful Acknowledgment

Our commitment to forming leaders and driving innovation underscores the impact of Ortus Solutions in the tech industry, both locally and across Latin America. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our community members and team for their unwavering support. Together, we are shaping the future of innovation and excellence in the digital realm.Thank you for being our partners in creating a brighter and more advanced web development landscape.

“Together, we shape the future of innovation and excellence in the digital realm. Thank you for being partners in creating a brighter and more advanced web development landscape.”

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