Luis Majano

October 15, 2008

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This is an announcement that an internationalization translation project is way on its way for the ColdBox documentation. If you go to the official wiki site, you will see two new languages: Japanese and Spanish. The entire docs are being translated now to these languages and should be done by version 2.6 release if possible. Also, a new group has been created for ColdBox Translators. So if you are interested in helping out in the translation process, become an official translator or just help out, please email us at Right now we have one Japanase translator and one Spanish translator. So please contribute if you have time.

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Nov 26, 2009 11:41:55 UTC

by Marcelo Santana

Estimado Luis, estoy migrando desde Fusebox y me gustaría acceder a la documentación en español, así como tratar de contribuir a su traducción, pero al parecer ahora no es posible visualizarla. Es posible reestablecer el enlace o que me envíes lo que exista de documentación en español? Gracias.

Feb 18, 2010 23:24:50 UTC

by Luis Majano

Marcelo, disculpa la tardanza en eso. Mandame un email a para que charlemos sobre como pasar documentacion en español

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