Luis Majano

October 15, 2008

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Here is a basic script of what will be covered in the CFFRameworks workshop on July 18th. This script might change if it is too much to cover or not. I will be updating it as I go forward with it.

  • ColdBox "Down & Dirty" Presentation
    1. Introduction
      1. Who am I?
      2. What is ColdBox?
      3. Why ColdBox?
    2. Novel Features of ColdBox
      1. Documentation
      2. Code Controllers
        1. Handler Packages
      3. Custom Conventions
      4. Debugging Panel
      5. ColdBox Caching
      6. Unit Testing
      7. ColdBox Dashboard
      8. Software Aspects via Configuration
      9. Plugins
    3. Installing ColdBox
      1. Download from website
      2. Show Installation Instructions & Overview
      3. Unpack Archive
      4. Explain the Archive, what it contains
      5. Move to webroot
      6. Fire up the samples gallery
        1. Hello World
        2. Login App
        3. ColdBox Reader
        4. Explain other apps
    4. Installing CFEclipse ColdBox Dictionary
    5. Fire Up Eclipse
    6. Application Template Overview
      1. Conventions Explained
      2. Config.xml & Configurations
      3. Handlers
      4. Layouts
    7. Showcase the tag insights
      1. Modify a Handler
      2. Modify a View
    8. Showcase the CFFrameworks Plugin
    9. ColdBox Dashboard
      1. Quick Overview
      2. Application Generation: MyBlog
        1. Generate Application
        2. Open Application
        3. Show Unit Tests
        4. Import into Eclipse
        5. Show Unit Tests within eclipse
        6. Scaffolding via Illidium
          1. Show entries Table
          2. Create entries generation
          3. Show users Table
          4. Create users generation
          5. Create a datasource in the config.xml via plugin
          6. Modify coldspring.xml to include datasource alias
          7. Open Unit Tests & Modify Paths.
          8. Fire up the entries list & create an entry.
          9. Fire up the users list & create an entry
          10. Create a second entry
          11. Show sorting via queryHelper
          12. Show delete
          13. Show Validation
    10. Summary

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