Legacy Software: Modernize or Die®!


Many companies today still rely on legacy applications to run their core business processes. This is unfortunate because legacy implementations limit, in many ways, the creation of business value to your internal and external customers. They cripple a company’s ability to react, adapt and evolve in order to take advantage of new business opportunities.

Living in a legacy environment is like living in chains: you are restricted in all movement and capacity. Each new line of code you add and each new dependency you integrate on top of your legacy application, only make the chains stronger and your monolith will keep growing.

If you are reading this, we are sure that you know that maintaining a legacy application is a painful and cumbersome experience, with crippling limitations. Developing new functionalities and incorporating new features, is a constant struggle that will most likely lead your development team to frustration and discouragement. The chances of breaking things when introducing new code are high, and the vast majority of legacy implementations do not even support basic unit/integration testing. In some cases, the only error logging available is the actual client report complaining about something broken in the application.


Modernizing your legacy applications always makes sense!

Thinking that legacy applications are prehistoric monsters that just need to be substituted in one shot it’s just a myth. Thinking that you can modernize by just eliminating ColdFusion (CFML) and moving to another language, is also a very costly decision that will require 50% more time and budget than you think (We have seen it!).

In our experience, modernizing your processes and your ColdFusion (CFML) tooling will be incredibly cheaper than trying to imitate the same in another language. We have the modern tools at our disposal and we are in some regards ahead of many other languages. If you can’t hardness any of the goodness that’s out there today with modern web libraries, you are spending more time trying to emulate the same functionality you could have gotten off the shelf.


Legacy transformation with Ortus Solutions

Our company has everything to support your needs on every legacy transformation project. Not just high qualified resources and technologies, but the needed experience to approach any situation in the optimal cost-benefit way. For a project of any magnitude, our Solution Design Team implements our discovery and implementation methodology that allows us to determine the scope of the project, the necessary investment and the definition of time.

  • 1.Discovery
    No matter how big or small your application is, it is not possible for any external partner to help you plan the migration without getting under the hood. Investing time in discovery will help us to understand the possibilities that are available and create a migration plan with you.
  • 2. Design migration strategy
    This process creates a holistic and detailed overview of what needs to happen to modernize your legacy applications. At Ortus, we have been doing this for a few years now and we can lead this effort without taking a toll at your operational activities.
  • 3. Creating costs and timeline estimations
    Costs for a legacy migration effort is greatly influenced by the application involved and could conceivably vary based on its complexity. We have developed different professional services plans to best fit any specific projects. From Remote Consulting Packages to Team Augmentation plans we can offer a wide range of possibilities in the assignment of the right resources and technologies.
  • 4. Execute your migration plan
    Through the implementation of agile methodologies, we provide a high-performance project development with results in very short deadlines, detecting errors just in time and with the necessary flexibility to achieve the objectives in time, cost and scope.

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