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 ColdFusion Consulting, Coldfusion Support and Mentoring

Remote ColdFusion Consulting Plans

Do you have a specific budget in mind? Will you be needing ColdFusion consulting on a regular basis? Do you have a implemenation project in mind or in place? Is the Response Time a key factor in your ColdFusion development process? Are you looking to extend your ColdFusion development resources? If you answer yes to any of the previous questions, one of our ColdFusion Consulting & Support is a valuable solution for your business.

We offer you a variety of options and you can choose the plan that best suit your needs. With all of our plans you will profit not only from discounted rates but also, development priority, SLAs, access to our senior engineers and other benefits described in our support plans table down below.

Here are some areas that our ColdFusion consulting plans cover:

  • Analysis of Requirements
  • Application Performance
  • Software Architecture
  • ColdFusion Security Audit
  • Custom Builds & Patches
  • Infrastructure evaluation
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Custom Development
  • ColdFusion Legacy Application Migration Strategy and Implementation
  • Box Product Support
  • Product Upgrade Support
  • ColdFusion Integrations

ColdFusion Consulting & Customer Support Plans

You can choose from our available subscription plans described below. Each plan comes with a consulting hours retainer. The consulting retainer entitles you a specific amount of consulting hours at a discounted service rate, and a specific SLA that will prevail for the duration period stablish or as long as you have consulting hours available in your retainer. In case you need additional hours, you can re-fill your consulting retainer by purchasing a new subscription.

Subscribe to a support plan today and let us add value to your projects. Ensure a lower rate and an SLA for when you'll need it the most. You will be given access to our online support system and can then start opening support tickets with us right away.

Need more? We can help you get there!

Our Plans XS S M L XL














6 months

6 months

12 months

12 months


Response Time*

3 B.D.

3 B.D.

2 B.D.

1 B.D.













B.D. means Business Days. Ortus Business Days are from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central US Time.

On-site ColdFusion Consulting Plans

Having a face-to-face engagement with an expert pays off. As your needs increase in complexity, the effectiveness and efficiency gains are significantly higher for the On-site engagement.

Experience tailored on-site support with our On-Site Packages. Contact us now for comprehensive information and let our dedicated team assist you in selecting the most suitable option to cater to your specific needs.

* Prices do not include travel and accommodation expenses.

It's Simple

Each plan comes with a retainer. Each retainer has a specific SLA and a set amount of consulting hours that you can use throughout the duration of your plan. If you need additional hours you can re-fill your retainer or upgrade your plan.


ColdFusion Technical Support

Ortus Ninja


Get expert technical support to resolve technical issues quickly and efficiently.



The SpaceNinja™ Technical support is limited to Box products and Ortus libraries support.

NO Retainer

  • Schedule Video Calls
  • Less than 24 hours Reponse Times
  • Covers ALL BOX Products
  • Covers ALL Ortus Libraries
  • Dedicated Slack Channel
Got Questions?

Got Questions?

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