Ico Replace

Replace hundreds of Excel and Google Sheets with a centralized, automated, and if you dare, real time business intelligence dashboard.

Ico Understand

Understand how KPIs are doing and discover insights about your operations that are hiding behind the pool of data you are already collecting on a day to day basis.

Ico Powerup

Power up your BI capabilities and change the way you make operational and strategic decisions for your business.

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Design and Implement

Design and Implement the Data Model that best fits your business and fine tune it along the way.

Import Data

Import data from multiple sources to create your own BI data warehouse.

Aggregate data with ease and use custom filters to gain additional insights about your operations

Agregate Data
  • Increase the level of detail.

  • Review and compare business performance for the desired time frame.

  • Change the time scale of your data simply.

  • Real time reports.

  • Detect inefficiencies and improvement opportunities as they happen and minimize their impact on your operations.

  • Design your dashboards' layouts to match your specific needs.

  • Make people excited about reading through financial reports.

Ready to get BI For your business?

We made it easy for you!

We help you design and implement:

  • ico your data warehouse

    Your Data Warehouse

  • ico custom report

    Your Custom BI Reports

  • ico your dashboard

    Your BI Dashboards

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