They say love what you do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Well, those words couldn’t be truer to our team of experienced developers, consultants and engineers. In honor of Valentine’s day, we have gathered up their thoughts on what they love most about coding and CFML. 



"My relationship with ColdFusion was a hate then love kind of relationship.  I came from a hardware engineering background with exposure to low-level programming. So, when I came in contact with ColdFusion for the very first time, I immediately disliked it.  However, after working with the language day in, day out, I saw the power and the flexibility that came from simplicity.  Its simplicity, dynamic nature and its Java underpinnings has made me not only love the language, but also become an evangelist."

Luis Majano

CEO - Ortus Solutions, Corp


"I hate following the crowd, so I purposely avoided Computers at College because everyone I knew was going to do computers, but it was something that came naturally to me, probably because I felt like it was a big puzzle and I had to solve it. I loved that my assignments created something real and tangible, a game, a calculator, a chat server, and I was hooked. I started CFML when PHP and ASP Classic were the web tools of choice, and it took care of the hard things so I could just code. I produced a complete news module the first day I used CFML and never looked back. I can do everything I can imagine, and a lot of stuff I haven’t dreamed of yet. With the Modern Tools in CFML now, there is no reason to leave."

Gavin Pickin

Software Consultant - Ortus Solutions, Corp


"CFML was the first language I used at work. Really, it was the first language I had used to build anything bigger than "Hello, world"! At first I was grateful that it looked like JavaScript. Nowadays I'm glad I could tap into Java for more powerful abstractions. Mostly I'm thankful that the CFML community allowed me to contribute and make a difference."

Eric Peterson

Software Consultant - Ortus Solutions, Corp


"I’ve used a number of different languages through the years, and I keep coming back to CFML as my primary development choice. Its straightforward simplicity, and the productivity that comes with developing in a mature language, are powerful in and of themselves. Add to that the world-class tooling and engine orchestration tools we have available and it’s hard to make a case against it for new and existing application development.  As for why I like coding, I enjoy learning and problem solving.   About a decade ago, I stepped away, mostly, from development to run a non-profit for a few years.  Once I returned to development, full-time, I had to scramble to get myself caught back up in “the game” again.  I can’t think of another industry that keeps you on your toes like software development." 

Jon Clausen

Senior Software Developer, Ortus Solutions, Corp


"I’ve always loved that CFML is easy to learn and forgiving in nature, but these days I really appreciate the common sense built into the ethos of the CFML language. From error handling to configuration, everything makes sense and is easy to use."

Michael Born

Engineer, Ortus Solutions, Corp


"I was first introduced to CFML in the late 90’s as a way to make my static HTML sites have dynamic content.  It was fun and easy to use.  Now, years later, the landscape of frameworks and tooling have changed so much, but one thing is still true-- CFML is a joy to use.  It’s dynamic, loosely typed nature lets me feel like I spend more time solving my problems and less time satisfying a compiler with boilerplate.  And its bedrock of the JVM means I always have a rich ecosystem of libraries I can tap into and a fast, proven runtime to execute on."

Brad Wood

Application Architect - Ortus Solutions, Corp