This week we debuted the Windows 2019+Boncode+Tomcat AMI. Complete with optimized Windows 2019 and Tomcat 9 settings, CFML applications will be highly performant and secure. This stack will also allow users to build high-performance production or development machines based on Lucee CFML and with CommandBox 5 as the CLI companion.

This is another step completed in our initiative to build and offer several cloud server images to help our customers run scalable ColdFusion (CFML) applications in the cloud.  We have now an Ubuntu based image and a Windows image that will serve as the base for many other images we are currently building.

For the installation of an ec2 instance, a video and a new chapter on the Windows Based Images book have also been released to guide users through the process. Costs will be based on region and fulfillment options.

By end of Q1-2021 we will have highly scalable ContentBox AMIs that users will be able to deploy instantly over the entire AWS ecosystem.

For more, click here for our product page and here to find it on AWS.