Goodbye 2017!

It's been a great year at Ortus Solutions! We are thankful to God for the Ortus Team and the opportunity to serve the CFML community with great passion, perseverance and dedication. We bid 2017 farewell with some of our Highlights.



  • INTO THE BOX 2017: V4.0 was our first time standalone workshops + conference event and it was a success. V1-3 was only a single day with 2 tracks, but V4 has 1 day workshop in addition to 2 days with 2 tracks of great content. Get Ready for Version 5.0 – ITB 2018 @ The Woodlands, Texas !
  • CONTAINER ROADSHOW 2017: Our 1 week, 5 Free Live webinars around container strategy, Microservices, ComamandBox and CFConfig was one of the most popular events of the year. We were excited to see a lot of interest and enthusiasm around containerization. We are pushing our language into modern times!. You can check all Roadshow recordings for free .
  • ORTUS DEVELOPER WEEK 2017: We received lots of great feedback for our Free 1 week training with 14 Free Live Webinars around modern web development with ColdFusion CFML. We can confidently say that ODW-2017 was awesome this year. Check out 2017 recordings for free and stand by for ODW-2018 .


New Product Releases


  • CFConfig
  • CommandBox Migrations — Database Migrations
  • qb — Query Builderv
  • Hyper — Configurable Http Clients
  • ColdBox Templating Language
  • CFFractal — API Transformation and Serialization Library
  • CommandBox Docker Image



  • LEGACY MIGRATION: It’s been a pleasure to have migrated a bunch of legacy apps this year and continue to help companies and developers get out of legacy Hell and push them forward into modern times. We are really looking forward to continue with the legacy extermination business next year!
    • Legacy Software: Evolve or Die
    • Learn Modern CFML in 100 minutes
    CONTAINERIZATION:This year we’ve been getting our hands dirty with Docker and Microservices. Our tooling makes this approach not only possible but extremely productive. We are really happy to see our customers bringing servers down and spinning them up just like that (snapping fingers sound). No more PET servers!
  • RESTful API DEVELOPMENT: Another major resource for helping our clients in 2017 has been exploding the goodness of RESTful APIs for rapid development to power highly scalable web applications.


  • #Releases: 20
  • #Tickets Resolved: 525
  • Product Downloads:
    • CommandBox: 12.6K
    • ContentBox: 4.9K
  • #CFConfig Installs: 3.7K
  • #Forum Posts: 910
    • ColdBox: 518
    • CommandBox: 312
    • ContentBox: 80
  • #Slack Messages: ~20K

We are looking forward to a productive New Year 2018!