Gavin Pickin

May 28, 2019

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Ortus Solutions is proud to announce that one of our newest steps in our Modernize or Die ® movement, announced at Into the Box 2019, is now launched. The Modernize or Die Podcast CFML News Edition launched a couple of weeks back, but now, the SoapBox edition has been launched as well.

Unlike the CFML News Edition, hosted by Gavin and Andrew live on YouTube every week, the SoapBox edition will be more of an interview style format. The first few episodes have been released, with Luis Majano being the guest, talking about the Call to Arms to the community to encourage everyone to step to make our community even better, the History of ColdBox / Ortus Solutions, and the State of ColdBox. We have a lot more episodes scheduled with Brad Wood, Sam Knowlton, Pete Freitag, Brian Klass and maybe more as dive deeper into the ColdFusion Community Members, where we'll discuss their tools, frameworks, modules, workflows, lessons learned and best practices,  and much more.

Most importantly, where can you watch / listen to the podcast?


The website is the center for all information about the podcast. You can listen to podcast episodes online directly, link out to our YouTube channel and playlist, or subscribe to the podcast with your favorite podcast app ( links all below ).


This podcast is recorded off air, and we’ll take more time to edit the interviews, and get the best of the best from the Community to come and discuss their tools, frameworks, modules, workflows and much more.

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We have submitted the podcast to the usual selection of podcast apps and directories, and we're still getting the acceptance notifications, so we're adding more all the time. Below are the ones we are currently available on, even some special ones like Spotify

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Please subscribe to our youtube channel, subscribe to the podcast, submit any news you have via twitter @gpickin and please leave us 5 star reviews to help get us noticed in the appropriate directories.

If you haven't heard about the CFML News Edition, read more about it here.

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