Ortus Solutions is proud to announce that one of our newest steps in our Modernize or Die ® movement, announced at Into the Box 2019, is now launched. The Modernize or Die Podcast CFML News Edition has been launched and is now available online, on youtube, and in your favorite Podcast player.

For your hosts, you will get the pick of the litter with these two. Gavin, a Kiwi, and Andrew a redneck, bringing you the latest and greatest CFML News. You'll also see a few of the other Ortus team members drop in from time to time. Gavin is a member of the Ortus Team and Andrew is a solid CFML Community Member, trying to do what they can to improve the CFML community.

Gavin and Andrew will do their best to keep you up to date on everything ColdFusion related. Events, Engine updates and releases, Frameworks Tools and Module releases, the best quality blog posts, tweets and videos from the community as well as the ForgeBox module of the Week and the VS Code Hint Tip and Trick of the week. The goal is to keep it short and sweet, but there is a lot of news right now, so we're averaging about 20 minutes.

Most importantly, where can you watch / listen to the podcast?



The website is the center for all information about the podcast. You can listen to podcast episodes online directly, link out to our YouTube channel and playlist, or subscribe to the podcast with your favorite podcast app ( links all below ).



This podcast is recorded live on YouTube every Tuesday, approx 1pm EST, if you subscribe to Ortus Solutions on YouTube and click the Alarm Notification icon, you'll get emailed when we start broadcasting. We always give everyone about 5 minutes to get that, so you'll have time to jump into the chat and watch live.

In your Podcast player

We have submitted the podcast to the usual selection of podcast apps and directories, and we're still getting the acceptance notifications, so we're adding more all the time. Below are the ones we are currently available on, even some special ones like Spotify

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Please subscribe to our youtube channel, subscribe to the podcast, submit any news you have via twitter @gpickin and please leave us 5 star reviews to help get us noticed in the appropriate directories.

Hope you enjoy it, and watch out, the Modernize or Die Podcast SoapBox Edition is coming very soon.