With CommandBox we have learned how easy it is to install projects/modules/interceptors/etc from ForgeBox.  But what if what you want doesn't exist? Or what if you have an existing project you want available to install quickly and easily with CommandBox?  We believe strongly in the community and the power of Open Source, so we encourage you to contribute.  Get that project/module/whatever out there and share it with the world.  Use community to better it and yourself as you learn from the Open Source process.

So, back to ForgeBox, how do you get that shiny new thingamajig you just open sourced into ForgeBox so it can be installed through CommandBox quickly and easily?

Step 1) Create an account...

Step 2) Create a ForgeBox Entry by clicking on Submit Code

Step 3) Fill out the form defining your entry.

There are a few important things to note when filling out the form to submit an entry.

  • Pick the appropriate Category
  • Be sure the download URL points to a ZIP of your project/module/etc
  • Make your description/Readme as detailed as possible

That is it.  In 3 easy steps you can have your project shared out on ForgeBox, available for download and more importantly available for install via CommandBox.