CommandBox Docker v3.4.2 Images Released

Jon Clausen July 06, 2021

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Jon Clausen

July 06, 2021

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CommandBox 3.4.2 Docker images released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of version 3.4.2 of our CommandBox Docker images, which contains a few small fixes and enhancements. We have also migrated our CI/CD process to leverage GitHub Actions, which provides us with faster build times and more flexibility in multi-architecture builds.

Changelog for this version - versions denote `[CommandBox binary version ]/[ image version ]:

[5.3.1/3.4.2] - 2021-07-06


  • Bumped :lucee5 server version to 5.3.8+189
  • New builds of Adobe images contain latest mysql-connector-jar
  • Change build process to GitHub Actions


  • Fixed an issue where the verbose flag was not being applied to server starts

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