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ColdBox Platform v3.8.0 + Libraries Released

Luis Majano
Dec 18, 2013


It is a happy day here at Ortus Solutions as we bring you yet again a plethora of releases of all our major open source libraries.  This is the culmination of over 6 months of hard work to get you updates for all of our major open source libraries and even a new library, TestBox.  You can read more about our releases in our engineering blog:

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Coldbox CBDW2013 Online Training is Available!

Luis Majano
Oct 02, 2013


We are very excited to announce our second online course available for both ColdBox and ContenBox Modular CMS thanks to our annual conference CBDW2013:  This course covers over 50 lectures and over 30 hours of video content.  This is definitely an ultimate training tool for you or your organization and it definitely helps us pay the bills :)

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ColdBox Platform, ColdBox LITE and Library Releases

Luis Majano
Jul 10, 2013


It has been a busy past few months here at Ortus Solutions and we have some cool new stuff to share with the world today.  We have updates for all our major open source libraries this week. Some are minor releases and some are cool enhancement releases thanks to everybody's feedback and contributions.  You can find much more about the releases in our ColdBox engineering blog or in our online documentation wiki:

We have lots of other cool stuff coming soon so stay tuned!

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ColdBox Platform 3.5.3 Release Galore!

Luis Majano
Nov 03, 2012


We are proud to announce yet another release of our ColdBox Platform version 3.5.3.   This is not only a full platform release but a whole set of releases of all of our internal projects and frameworks.  Here are the releases and their appropriate release information from our engineering blog:


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ColdBox DevBox 2.0 has dropped!

Luis Majano
Nov 03, 2012


ColdBox DevBox has now matured and we have a 2.0 released. DevBox is a full open source development stack for ColdBox and ColdBox LITE, ready to go for development in any environment (Windows, Linux, Mac). Just download, click start and get ready to code. This development server is full of goodies from ColdBox sample applications, MXUnit, ColdFusion Builder Extensions and so much more. So if you need a nice portable development environment for ColdBox, quick demo building, or just plain coding fun, download DevBox today. We also have our github repository for DevBox so you can watch, fork and start collaborating today.

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