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Majo Herrera

Marketing Specialist

María José Herrera is a Strategic Designer that joined the Ortus team as a Marketing Coordinator in 2022,

More than an interest in digital platforms and technology, María José is very passionate about making strategies with precise objectives that have a meaningful impact on the target audience based mostly on research and insight analysis.

She considers herself a good listener and a team player but also a self-motivated person that can work under her own initiative whilst maintaining a high degree of professional ethics at all times within the working environment as well as outside of it.

In previous roles, she has been awarded for her attention to detail which has enabled her to deliver exceptional standards of service and opened a lot of new learning experiences and growth opportunities in different industries for the past 3 years.

María José is a very family-oriented person, she loves to be around people and dogs. She’s passionate about boarding games, tacos, Pupusas, hot Cheetos, and food overall.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” -Philippians 4:13