Revolutionaries Needed!


At Ortus Solutions we build open source projects for the ColdFusion (CFML) community such as ColdBox, CommandBox, ContentBox

However, the amount of effort needed to maintain and develop new features for all projects is not sustainable without the right team. That's where you can come in!

Are you looking for freedom from the same boring 9-5 job? Freedom to work with inspiration, creativity, purpose and a team of very motivated and passionate individuals? If so, then we're looking for you!

Whether you’re a new graduate or a rockstar expert, you will have the opportunity to grow, learn, inspire, create, lead and innovate every single day. Let's build software that matters!

Open Positions

Senior ColdFusion CFML Developer

At Ortus you will be:

  • Modernizing web applications and helping companies move out of legacy hell
  • Teaming up with ColdFusion Experts in order to solve complex web development problems.
  • Testing and integrating new web technologies in order to create custom business implementations
  • Pushed to innovate constantly and create new solutions to web development problems
  • Leading project teams that deliver software that matters

What we expect from you:

  • US Timezone availability is a must
  • US Citizen or Resident or Work Visa is a must
  • You have relevant experience in web development with Modern ColdFusion (CFML)
  • Proven experience with object oriented methodologies
  • Experience with Test Driven or Behavior Driven Development
  • Proficient in working with Adobe ColdFusion and/or Lucee
  • MVC Framework experience especially with ColdBox
  • ORM Experience
  • Database experience : MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL Experience is a plus: Couchbase, Redis, MongoDB
  • CommandBox CLI proficient
  • NodeJS Experience building front ends with frameworks like VueJS, AngularJS, or ReactJS
  • Experience with Infrastructure design and implementation is a plus
  • Docker experience is a plus
  • Experience working with agile methodologies
  • BS, preferably in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field
  • Multiple languages preferred (Java, Ruby, PHP, Groovy, Kotlin)
  • You are able to work across a full-stack development environment
  • You are passionate about building innovative web-based software solutions
  • You have experience and/or feel comfortable working remotely
  • You have experience managing and working with teams


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