Ortus Consulting Packages & Support Plans offer you a variety of options you can choose from, which will get you access to Ortus Senior ColdFusion CFML developers and BOX products experts according to your needs.

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Consulting Packages


Our remote packages are ideal for code reviews, web application performance audits and tuning, security checks, infrastructure design, clustering and caching strategy development, mentoring and discovery sessions.

Remote Package Time Rate Total
Level I $200/hr
Level II 6 hours $190/hr $1,140
Level III 9 hours $185/hr $1,665


Having a face-to-face engagement with and expert pays off. As your needs increase in complexity, the effectiveness and efficiency gains are significantly higher for the On-site engagement.

On-site Package Total*
1-Day On-site $2,500
2-Days On-site $4,500
3-Days On-site $6,375
4-Days On-site $8,000
5-Day On-site $9,375

*Prices do not include travel and accommodation expenses.


Support Plans

Do you have a specific budget in mind? Will you be needing support on a regular basis? Is the Response Time a key factor in your development process? Are you looking to extend your development resources? Are Consulting packages not enough for you? If you answer yes to any of the previous questions, a Support Plan is a valuable solution for your business. We offer you a variety of options and you can choose the plan that best suit your needs. With all of our plans you will profit not only from discounted rates but also, development priority, SLAs, access to our senior engineers and other benefits described in our support plans table down below.

You do not only get support with these subscriptions, but you also get custom modules, architecture, mentoring, and design.

Here are some areas that our support programs cover:

  • Enterprise Support for your ColdFusion Applications
  • On-site Consulting time*
  • On-site Training*
  • Online private ticketing system
  • Discounted development rates
  • Priority patches & updates
  • A SLA adapted to your needs
  • Custom builds
  • Custom modules
  • Phone/Online Meetings
  • Special Discounts for Box Trainings, Books, and Into The Box conference.

*doesn't include travel expenses


Support Plan FAQ

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Helpdesk Portal

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You can choose from our available subscription plans described below. Each plan comes with a support hours retainer. The support retainer entitles you a specific amount of support hours at a discounted service rate, and a specific SLA that will prevail for 1-year, as long as you have support hours available in your retainer. In case you need additional hours, you can re-fill your support retainer by purchasing a new subscription. A special discount applies.

Subscribe to a support plan today and become part of the Ortus Family. Ensure a lower rate and an SLA for when you'll need it the most. You will be given access to our online support system and can then start opening support tickets with us right away.

Our Plans Entry Standard Premium Enterprise
Price $2099 $5699 $14099 $24599
Support Hours 10
20 tickets
60 tickets
160 tickets
300 tickets
Discounted Rate $180/hr $175/hr $170/hr $160/hr
Renewal Price $1800/year $5250/year $13600/year $24000/year
Phone/Online Appointments checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Web Ticketing System checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Architectural Reviews checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Custom Builds & Patches   checkmark checkmark checkmark
Priority Training Registration   checkmark checkmark checkmark
Development & Ticket Priority   checkmark checkmark checkmark
Response Times 1-3 B.D. 1-2 B.D. 24 hr 12 hr
Books, Trainings, Product and Conference Discounts 5% 10% 15% 20%
Free Books 0 1 3 5
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* B.D. = Business Day

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