DataBoss : ORM Scaffolding

Create dynamic ORM administrators or even scaffold complete databases and manage them in minutes.

Ortus DataBoss is an application that will help you manage CFML Object Relational Mapper (ORM) objects without the need of writing administrative code for them; thus a Dynamic Administrator. DataBoss will talk to the underlying ORM engine (Hibernate) and get all the necessary information to manage all the ORM entities and its relationships in that specific CFML application DataBoss has been deployed to.



DataBoss will accelerate your project development by giving you first hand knowledge about your entity structures, data, relationships and also help you administrate their data content for you. We have also added the capability to influence the UI by adding non-intrusive metadata to your ORM entities so it can produce labels, help text, textareas, passwords, rich text editors, data pickers and much more.



Accelerate your application development by not worrying about managing data or how to start building your administrators. Let DataBoss do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your ORM design!

Download Datasheet


DataBoss comes in two flavors depending on your project requirements: Standalone and Multi-Project . Please choose which version of DataBoss you would like to purchase and download.

Features Standalone
Price $12.42
Per Month
Per Month
Maximum managed ORM Entities unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Deploy to how many applications* 1 1 unlimited unlimited
Patches - Bug Fixes checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Multi-lingual support checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Ability to customize or remove DataBoss logo checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Ability to customize or remove about panel checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Major updates included for 1 year checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Minor/Patch updates included for 1 year checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Free support for 1 year checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
*The multi-project license allows you to deploy DataBoss to unlimited applications. Any development, QA or test licenses are included and do not need separate licenses.


DataBoss has been compiled and tested for the following platforms.
  • Adobe ColdFusion 2016+
  • Lucee 5.3+
  • ColdBox 5+ (For Module Embedding)
  • ORM Enabled Application
No, a single DataBoss license may be used on unlimited non-production servers, including development, staging, testing and QA.
An application is defined as a single Application scope. If you have multiple Application.cfc/cfm files that all share the same application scope, they are considered to be a single Application. If you have a special scenario, please contact us and we'll let you know.

You can download a trial version of DataBoss that is fully functional so you can test drive it. Just fill out the form below and we will send you a link to download DataBoss Trial Edition and you can start enjoying the fastest ORM gun in the west!

DataBoss comes bundled with tons of features to help you in your ORM development.

  • Download as a standalone application that can integrate with any framework or application
  • Download as a ColdBox module so it can integrate with any ColdBox 5+ application
  • Automatic Hibernate ORM entity detection and analysis
  • Ability to manage all supported Hibernate relationships: One-To-Many, Many-To-One, One-To-One, Many-To-Many in a response interface
  • Ability to manage multi-level inheritance relationships
  • RESTFul exporting built-in for all entities with pagination and multiple response formats (xml,json,jsonp,wddx,pdf)
  • Ability to control the data marshalled form the RESTFul exports
  • Internationalized and localized for: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and more
  • Ability to create/edit/delete and multi-delete any managed entity and its data
  • Built-in form validation based on ColdBox Validation and ORM metadata
  • Customizable validation rules
  • Customizable HTML 5 controls for persisted properties: Checkbox, Radio Buttons, Multi-Select, Text, Email, URL, Password, Textarea, Super Lite Rich Text Editor, Date Picker
  • Ability to paginate entity records and do inline filtering/sorting of data
  • Easily interface layout overrides if ran as a ColdBox Module
  • Easily extend the custom CSS framework
  • Ability to reload the ORM engine a-la-carte
  • Application responsive design ready for phone and tablet usage
  • Database null support


iphone android DataBoss has been designed not only to work for any browser on the desktop but also to be responsive on mobile devices and tablets. Administrate Anywhere!