Modular Content Management
ContentBox is a professional open source (Apache 2 License) modular content management engine that allows you to easily build websites, blogs, wikis, complex web applications, and RESTFul web services. It can also be used as a full Headless CMS or a hybrid CMS. Built with a secure and flexible modular core, designed to scale, and combined with world-class support, ContentBox will get your projects out the door in no time. ContentBox CMS can be deployed to any ColdFusion/CFML engine or any Java Servlet Container.

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Solid Foundation
ContentBox is built with a solid open source Hierarchical MVC framework foundation; The ColdBox Platform, which has been powering ColdFusion/CFML applications since 2005 and used by thousands of developers worldwide. Used by clients like NASA, ESRI, Adobe TV, FAA, GE and many more. ContentBox has been designed using a rich Object Oriented content model powered by Hibernate, the de-facto standard Object Relational Mapper, and can run in any Java environment. Our entire infrastructure is built with scalability and cloud deployment in mind.

ContentBox is not a traditional and monolithic CMS application, but a combination of ColdBox modules that will provide you with CMS capabilities. You can also enhance any web application with these capabilities as well. No longer be restricted by the application's extension points, but extend and scale modularly.


ContentBox sports its very own ContentBox Docker image. The image is packaged with a self-contained express version, which uses an in-memory H2 database and can distribute to multiple replicas with ease. To stand up an image for testing purposes, simply run:
docker pull ortussolutions/contentbox &&
docker run -p 8080:8080 \
-e express=true \
-e install=true \
Our image also has the following capabilities:
  • Embedded Database or connect to any RDBMS
  • Image and Application Healthchecks
  • SSL Support
  • Distributed caching
  • Distributed sessions
  • Data persistence
  • Custom data mounts

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ContentBox provides complete control over your content.

  • Auto update capabilities
  • Integrated and customizable permission-role based security
  • Customizable security firewall
  • Content version control with commit change logs, rollback and diff views
  • Content and Data Cache Managers with Reports
  • Publishing and expiration content systems
  • Ability to deploy UI and Administrator modules to different servers
  • Ability to import data from other CMS systems
  • Extensive comment moderation rules
  • Media manager with detailed permission controls
  • Ability to backup your system
  • Ability to put the site in maintenance mode
  • Ability to enable rate-limiting and login attack vectors

ContentBox handles the boring parts for you so you can code the fun parts.

  • Modular MVC Architecture
  • Extend via event-driven programming with over 100 different events
  • Dependency injection and AOP foundations
  • Create custom content types
  • Pluggable custom security mechanisms
  • Create reusable content widgets
  • Extend the administrator, editors and even the UI via ContentBox modules
  • API for integration with other modules or even applications
  • Menu system API for extending the administrator UI
  • Integreated API documentation
  • Online web code editor with syntax highlighting
  • Ability to build and integrate applications thanks to the ColdBox Platform core

ContentBox lets your style shine through.

  • Layout manager for easy style switching
  • HTML5 based
  • CSS3 goodness
  • jQuery enabled
  • Choose from ready-made layouts or design your own theme
  • Ability to provide UI settings for any custom layout themes
  • Tons of template hooks for applying your styles dynamically
  • Ability to apply mobile layouts to content objects
  • Layout and content inheritance
  • Ability to easily view and code widgets in the editors
  • Ability to add custom HTML, CSS or JavaScript globally
  • WYSIWYG Editor with media content management
  • Real live editor previews

ContentBox is a scalable and efficient platform for delivering Government applications and websites.

  • Ability to deploy UI and Administrator modules to different servers
  • Open source and commercial versions available
  • Ability to apply rate-limiting
  • Ability to apply login tracker and authentication logs
  • Deployable to any Java enabled server
  • Easily deploy on a cluster of servers
  • Two-Factor Authentication Framework
  • Password rules
  • View our Capability Statement

Contentbox is Cloud-ready and infinitely scaleable.

  • Dedicated Docker image, fully optimized for cloud deployments
  • Docker image features include:
    • Distributed caching and session storage built-in
    • Environmental overrides for common settings and file paths
    • Lightweight servlet container engine, optimized for performance
    • Multi-platform DBMS support
    • Full Coldbox customization and configuration
    ContentBox on Docker Hub

You can get started quickly with ContentBox by leveraging CommandBox, our CLI and package manager, or with our Docker Images.

ContentBox CLI

You can easily install ContentBox with any CFML engine and database by using our CLI tool:

	install contentbox-cli
	mkdir mysite --cd
	contentbox install-wizard


You can leverage our docker image for ContentBox or build awesome deploy stacks, with distributed sessions, content and more.

docker pull ortussolutions/contentbox &&
docker run -p 8080:8080 \
-e EXPRESS=true \
-e INSTALL=true \
Note: Please make sure you are in and empty folder and inside the CommandBox interactive shell before executing the commands. Just open the CommandBox executable or enter box to start our interactive shell.

From here you can download different editions of ContentBox. You can also visit our Artifacts Server to browse our entire downloads collection. Please note that our preferred approach to installing ContentBox is via our contentbox-cli.

ContentBox v5.1.0

release date: March 18, 2022
code name: Psalm 144:1


Choose ContentBox Module to download ContentBox as a set of modules to deploy to an existing ColdBox application. Choose Installer to download a full ColdBox Site with the ContentBox installer. Choose Site to download a full ColdBox site with ContentBox but no installers.Choose ContentBox WAR to deploy to your Java engine of choice, or ContentBox Express edition to download a one-click standalone install including a built-in database, great for demos or embeddable sites!

You can also find all of our patches in our Integration Artifacts Repository

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  • Website migrations from other CMS systems
  • ContentBox implementation strategies
  • Remote CMS Publishing
  • CMS integration with existing apps
  • Theme development and migrations
  • Social Media Integration
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