Ortus Developer Week (ODW)
November 06-10, 2017

A Training Extravaganza Coming to Your Desktop or Mobile or iPad or Android or Whatever!

Featured Speaker: Evagoras Charalambus

Evagoras Charalambus has been lucky enough to wear many hats in the IT industry during the last 20 years. He has worked as a Microsoft Developer for EMC, a tutor for a University, and a PHP, Java and CFML Developer for various media companies. He is now working as an independent Software Consultant, specializing in Web and Mobile technologies. He's been using Ortus Solutions's software for about a year now, to wrap a large legacy ACF project into RESTful endpoints for a BioTech company in Cambridge, UK.

When he is not coding he is probably found underwater doing cave and shipwreck scuba diving. Some say he once jumped out of a perfectly fine airplane.

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