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November 06-10, 2017

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Realtime Web Sockets

Nov 18, 2016

session: 1 (see session times to right)

level: Beginner

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WebSockets are here!  
Are you taking advantage of this technology yet? If not, ColdFusion makes it really simple as of version 10.

In this presentation I will cover how to get WebSockets working on your app/site and discuss real life pitfalls that I have encountered in the trenches on my own applications. I’ll also cover tips and tricks to debugging WebSockets that will help you overcome common obstacles.

Attendees will:
Learn how to setup WebSockets using ColdFusion.
Be given a replacement for the Adobe provided test suite
Be given an enhanced wrapper to deal with connection drops not handled by ColdFusion's library to be able to take action and notify the user, so your app/site does not appear broken!
Attendees should have some basic knowledge of JavaScript, as it is needed to work with WebSockets.

Not working with Adobe ColdFusion or a version that has WebSockets?
That is ok, I will also review how easy it is to add this functionality to your app/site using socket.io. This demo will consist of a barebones setup that will allow you to subscribe and publish messages to and from your clients as well as broadcasting from the server.

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Presented by: Giancarlo Gomez

Giancarlo Gomez is a full-stack developer with over 15 years experience with various languages, technologies and a passion to continue to learn. He has been a designer, developer and project lead for several companies stateside and can even say this path took him across the pond years back for a piece of software he wrote that required installation and configuration. The internet was much slower back then and a flight was required . He is the owner/lead developer of Fuse Developments, Inc. established in 2004, his consulting business specializing in web and mobile development and CrossTrackr, Inc., a SaaS for the CrossFit community, targeted towards athletes and gym owners providing real-time insight into athletic progress and health metrics.

He is also the co-manager for the South Florida Adobe ColdFusion Users Group. You can find him on Twitter and GitHub @GiancarloGomez and read his occasional ramblings at www.giancarlogomez.com.

On his spare time, he plays with his kids and occasionally stares at his wall of guitars remembering the good old days of traveling and playing music on stages.