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Scaling the Backend Data Tier without Application changes

Nov 14, 2016

session: 4 (see session times to right)

level: Intermediate

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To meet the demands of growing application traffic, the database tier is often the bottleneck (i.e. too many SQL queries, inefficient queries). Today, developers need to modify code to scale out the application. This is neither cost effective or timely.
Heimdall Data is a packaged SQL solution for the app owner. It scales the data tier with ZERO application changes. It diagnosis and cures SQL problems.
  1. SQL caching (Recommends what queries/tables to cache)
  2. Automated DB failover
  3. Granular SQL performance visibility (Is it the application or database?)
  4. Read/write splits and load balancing
It's a 5-minute installation giving SQL visibility from an application perspective

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Presented by: Erik Brandsberg

Erik is the CTO of Heimdall Data located in Pittsburgh, PA. Both have been in the application networking industry for over 10 years.