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Testing My API with TestBox on Server and Jasmine on Client

Nov 18, 2015

session: 3 (see session times to right)

level: Beginner

This live session was recorded and is now viewable on Adobe Connect...

Most projects in CF now involve creating some type of consumable CFC Endpoint or API Service... do you Unit test your API, do you use Integration Tests on your API?

Everyone who wasn't writing JavaScript, probably is now. Atwood's Law: any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript. That's great, but how do we test it. 
In ColdFusion we have CFCs, most languages have classes... but JavaScript doesn't have classes (yet). So how do I write unit tests, what units are there, and how do I make my code look like that.

We build our CFCs and CF API to be consumed with AJAX, and like Server Side, we need to be able to test our CFC endpoints, and the Javascript that uses them. Testing serverside with Testbox and Clientside with Jasmine.
With Testbox and Jasmine both using BDD, your test code can almost be isomorphic.

Take your JavaScript spaghetti and make it unit testable.
Test your API on Server and Client.

Attendees will learn

How to use Testbox to test CFCs and CF Apis on the Server
Different types and ways to test JavaScript
Structuring your JavaScript to be unit testable
Overview of client side testing tools
Overview of server side testing tools
Building testing into your workflow
You are one of many that are not testing your JavaScript

Attendees should have some exposure to CFCs as endpoints, or CF API creations, and consuming with JavaScript, but this is for the Professional Newbie... who always needs to learn and adapt.

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Presented by: Gavin Pickin

Gavin is a proud ColdFusion developer, starting with ColdFusion in the late 90s. His first exposure to ColdFusion was while working for the University of Auckland under supervision of big ColdFusion Contractors. He got his feet wet early, with systems ranging from small, to extremely large and complex.

Moving the the United States in late 2000, Gavin has worked with several companies, creating many systems, that are still supporting thousands of websites, from small brochure, corporate, e-commerce, to large school districts websites.

During that time, he also built several custom applications to help businesses of all sizes find the solution they needed.

Gavin's strengths lie with ColdFusion and he works in all areas of the application design work flow, from Customer Project Specifications, ColdFusion Integration and Database Design, all the way through to the User Interface design and implementation, Customer Training and Support.

Still new in the world of Coldbox, he is in the process of converting and migrating several small and large apps to Coldbox.