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Relationships are Hard -­ Data modeling with NoSQL

Nov 18, 2015

session: 2 (see session times to right)

level: Beginner

This live session was recorded and is now viewable on Adobe Connect...

Developers looking to learn when to use NoSQL databases over relational databases and who always wondered how you would model your data for NoSQL

Assumed knowledge for the topic 

Basic data modeling/database design principals

Objective of the topic

Learn what data modeling with NoSQL databases, how it differs from relational database data modeling., We will also look at when are good opportunities for using NoSQL database and when a relational database is still the way to go. We will look why many NoSQL databases don’t pass the ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) test on purpose and what this means to you the developer.   

Why you are qualified to present on this topic

Have used NoSQL and relation databases and made decisions on each for our team at Computer Know How and for our clients. 

FIVE main points
  1. Learn data modeling with NoSQL databases
  2. Learn to identify good opportunities to use NoSQL and when not to.
  3. Learn about ACID and the implications when using various NoSQL databases
  4. Discuss various paradigms for storing different datatypes in NoSQL
  5. Discuss the advantages/disadvantages of denormalizing data or replicating data for scaling.

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Presented by: Curt Gratz

Curt is a Co-Owner of Computer Know How, a Wisconsin based technology firm and ColdBox Alliance Partner. He has been working with CFML since 1997 (version 4) doing software development, architecture and system design. Curt is a husband to a beautiful wife, dad to 3 great kids, coach of his local CC and track teams, youth leader at his local church, and system architect by day. He is also a member of Team ColdBox and enjoys everything Star Wars.