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November 06-10, 2017

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Ionic: V2 and beyond

Nov 17, 2015

session: 4 (see session times to right)

level: Beginner

This live session was recorded and is now viewable on Adobe Connect...

Ionic 1.0 has enabled many web developers to become mobile app developers. With the arrival of Angular 2 and its changes, as well as ES6 being finalized, development has been improved yet again. How will that impact Ionic? In this session, we’ll look compare Ionic 1 and Ionic 2 and go over what we've learned, what improvements we're making to the framework, and how easy it will be to develop apps with Ionic 2.

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Presented by: Mike Hartington

As Ionic's Developer Advocate, Mike help developers while they're building their apps and also frequently speak and write about Ionic. In his spare time, Mike is a hybrid app maker, occasional musician, and craft beer lover. Based in Providence, RI.