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Become globally recognized for your expertise in creating modern ColdFusion/CFML web applications with the ColdBox Platform.

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How it Works

  1. Purchase your certification(s).
  2. An Ortus Team member will create a unique URL for your online examination and contact you for scheduling the online examination.
  3. If you pass, then you will be given access to the in practice examination where you will have to build a ColdBox application according to the specs provided.
  4. You will have 1 week from exam date to complete the in practice examination and turn it in to the Certification Team.
  5. Your application will be evaluated and graded with a pass or fail. You will receive a Certification Welcome Packet via email with your printable certification and logos

How do I prepare?

The theory examination is based on the online documentation which can be found using the following links:

If you achieve 90% or higher in the theory examination, you will be awarded an advanced certification.


The in practice examination will be based on building a ColdBox application that the Ortus Team will evaluate using the following criteria:

  1. Coding Standards
  2. MVC separation of concerns
  3. Ingenuity
  4. Feature Completeness
  5. Modularity
  6. Reusability
  7. Testing (For advanced certification)
Please note that some topics like Testing are NOT required for passing the examination, but can give you advanced certification.


Anybody interested in furthering their career by becoming a certified developer. Our strict process of capacitation and methodology will empower you as an engineer and further make you stand out in job pools.
You need a valid credit card to purchase the certification exam and a valid email address for receiving results and certifications. ColdBox knowledge in both theory and practice will be required.
Once you order an exam you will receive via email an invitation to take the online examination with a time expiration process. If you pass the online examination, you will then be presented with the specifications to complete the in practice exam, which you will have 1 week to turn in to the Ortus Team. Once you complete your in practice exam, the Ortus Team will grade the application and you will receive a grading notification within 1-2 days of completion.
Once you complete the theory and in practice examination, within 1-2 days you will receive notification of your overall pass or fail.
You will receive a printable certificate and the official certification logos that you can use in your website, blog or resume. We will also add you (if you so desire) to our online certification page, to showcase the validity of your certification. Please note that if you achieve a 90% or higher in the theory examination you will be achieving the advanced certification.
The certification will last you only for the major version of the product you certify for. For example, the ColdBox version is in the 4.x series, your certification is ONLY for the ColdBox 4.x series and not the 5.x series.
The exam is currently taken online. You will receive a unique link for your purchase to our online exam platform. After you complete the online exam and if you pass, you will be given access to the in practice exam where you will have to build a ColdBox application that you will submit within one week of taking the online exam.
The online exam should take you about 60 minutes to complete. The in practice exam will take you about 3 days to complete.
The online exam will cover the entire ColdBox Platform including WireBox, CacheBox and LogBox. It will also cover best practices, MVC methodologies and specifics of web development. All questions come from the online documentation. Some TestBox BDD questions will be included which are aimed towards advanced certification. So we would highly encourage studying the basics of testing and TestBox.
No. You will be given a choice of when you want to start the examination process.
If you fail the examination, you will be able to retake the exams after a 45 day waiting period. The purchase is non-refundable.
The only way to get a refund is to request it before your exam has been scheduled. Please note that there will be a $25 cancellation fee.
Yes, the Ortus Certifications helps finance the development of all Ortus Products and 10% of the proceeds helps the Shalom Orphanage in El Salvador.
If you achieve a 80% or higher, you have passed the online certification exam. If you achive a 90% or higher, you have passed with an advanced certification.
Yes! If you go through any of our online or in-person courses, you will be automatically eligible to take the certification at no charge. Just please email us at training@ortussolutions.com with your information and we will start the certification process.