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What's New in Commandbox 4 - 256 colors & Bullet Train

Brad Wood
Jun 06, 2018


Learn about using 256 color support and the CommandBox Bullet Train module in this new screencast.

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CommandBox 4.0.0 Released

Brad Wood
Jun 01, 2018


Today we are very pleased to announce the final release of CommandBox 4.0.0.  This has been one of our most ambitious releases and closed more than 70 tickets over 6 months of development and testing.  

This release has gone through a month of testing that created two release candidates.  A big thanks goes out to everyone who helped provide feedback.  There are a lot of new features and libraries in 4.0 as well as a major overhaul of many of the UI aspects of the CLI. 

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CommandBox 4 Release Candidate Available for Testing

Brad Wood
May 15, 2018


After 6 months of development, we are pleased to announce that CommandBox 4.0.0-RC.2 is available for your testing.  In case you're wondering, RC.1 was released at Into The Box last month, but I was super busy at the time and on the road for 2 solid weeks and didn't have the docs fully updated, so I didn't have a chance to blog it then.  A huge thanks goes out to everyone who help contribute ideas, pull requests, and testing for CommandBox 4.  This is truly a group effort.

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Into the Box 2018 Is Less Than a Week Away!

Dillon Slaughter
Apr 20, 2018


Logo Banner - Into the Box 2018 - Coldfusion and Java redefined

Into The Box is officially less than a week away! Our conference will be hosting speakers and guest from around the globe and we are truly looking forward to see what is in store. For those of you that can't make it out to this year we have an option for you. We are going to live stream the sessions right to you wherever you may be! You can purchase your Live Stream Ticket today! This will grant you access to all sessions Into The Box for up to six months. Also we still have space left if you still want to purchase a regular seat.

Make Your Purchase Today

Nolan Erck, a keynote at ITB wrote the following this week, The Five Things to Know About Into The Box 2018."" This is what he has to say:


Into The Box 2018 Is Only 2 Weeks Away! | +New Announcement!

Dillon Slaughter
Apr 13, 2018


Logo Banner - Into the Box 2018 - Coldfusion and Java redefined

This week marks Into the Box at just 2 weeks away! We are looking forward to some awesome hands on training at our workshops and we are anticipating brilliant sessions from our 25+ speakers! If you haven't made your purchase yet we still have 10 tickets left!

Also, we have a special announcement! We are making a new addition to our first day's schedule, Cross Cutting Concerns Podcast Live Panel Recording @ 6:30 P.M. This is a special live recording hosted by Matt Groves, featuring a panel of special guests. The panel will discuss the 'state of the union' and will take audience questions. You may even get a chance to win some prizes!

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Into The Box Is less than 3 weeks away! | 15 Tickets Left

Dillon Slaughter
Apr 06, 2018


Logo Banner - Into the Box 2018 - Coldfusion and Java redefined

Can you believe it? We are less than three weeks away from kicking off Into The Box 2018, and on top of that we have sold out of our second workshop! Hurry and make your reservation today because there are only 15 tickets left!

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Into The Box LateBird Discount Ending in 1 Day

Dillon Slaughter
Mar 30, 2018


Logo Banner - Into the Box 2018 - Coldfusion and Java redefined

Good Friday to all! We are getting closer and closer to Into The Box 2018 at just under 1 month away. Our Late Bird Discount will expire tomorrow March 31st! Get your tickets today before the sale ends!

Last Chance Late Bird


Into the Box 2018 Is Just 5 weeks away! | Get your Late Bird Discount

Dillon Slaughter
Mar 23, 2018


Logo Banner - Into the Box 2018 - Coldfusion and Java redefined

Happy Friday to all! We are excited as Into The Box 2018 is right on our heels at just 5 weeks away. We still have 3 workshops that are availble to sign up for and two full days of spekaing sessions about the latest in the world of Coldfusion. It's not too late to sign up if you haven't already because we are offering a special discount just for you. The Late Bird Discount is for all who think the early bird is just a little to eager. So sign up today and join us in modernizing Coldfusion together!

Late Bird Discount


Late Bird Discount Into The Box 2018 | Speaker Highlights

Dillon Slaughter
Mar 16, 2018


Logo Banner - Into the Box 2018 - Coldfusion and Java redefined

We are just a mere 6 weeks away from Into the Box 2018 and there are a couple of announcements that we would like to make! First and foremost, we know how busy life can be and not everyone was able to sign up for the early bird special. We thought since the early bird always gets the worm we should offer the Late Bird an opportunity as well. For that reason we are going offer our Late Bird Discount for those of you still wanting to join us in the journey of modernizing Coldfusion! So get your spot reserved today and join us from April 25th–27th at the Hyatt Place in The Woodlands, Tx. Secondly we are excited to announce that our very first workshop Coldbox 0-Hero has officially been filled! However, we still have three pre–conference workshops remaining, so come out get hands on training by our very own team!

Make your reservations today and join us in the modernization of the Coldfusion community together! Late Bird Discount


qb 5.2.0 Released!

Eric Peterson
Mar 12, 2018


Quick announcement today about qb. We're excited to announce that starting with version 5.1.0, QB has full query and schema builder support for four major database grammars:

  • Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQLGrammar)
  • MySQL (MySQLGrammar)
  • Oracle (OracleGrammar)
  • Postgres (PostgresGrammar)

Set your preferred grammar in your moduleSettings and you are good to go:

moduleSettings = {
    qb = {
        defaultGrammar = "PostgresGrammar"

Install or update today from ForgeBox.

Haven't heard about qb? qb is a Query and Schema Builder for CFML. With it you can write object-oriented, database agnostic SQL statements in a convenient and friendly format.

// Query Builder
    .whereIn('author_id', [5, 10, 27])

// Schema Builder
schema.create( "users", function( table ) {
    table.increments( "id" );
    table.string( "email" );
    table.string( "password" );
    table.timestamp( "created_date" ).default( "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" );
    table.timestamp( "modified_date" ).default( "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" );
    table.timestamp( "last_logged_in" ).nullable();
} );

Want more information? Check out the comprehensive documentation.

Coming to Into the Box? Be sure to check out the session on qb while you are there!

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