We are proud to announce that all of the ColdBox sample applications have been updated for the upcoming ColdBox 3.0 release. Sample applications are important as they increase the speed of entry into any development related task.

Give me a good sample and I can adopt it to my needs and be well on my way to learning the concept.

We believe so much in them, that there are over 20 of them covering a number of different techniques and tasks for ColdBox.

You can download the latest versions of our sample applications for ColdBox from http://github.com/ColdBox/coldbox-samples

Here is a quick run down of the sample applications.

Hello World

by Luis Majano

LightWire Sample

by Luis Majano


by Luis Majano

News Web Service

by Luis Majano

Feed Reader Samples

by Ben Garrett

Feed Generator Samples

by Ben Garrett

Sample Login App

by Luis Majano

UDF Library Usage

by Luis Majano

i18N Sample Gallery

by Paul Hastings & Luis Majano

ColdBox Flex Tester

by Luis Majano

ColdBox cfcViewer Sample

by Luis Majano

ColdFusion 8 Ajax Sampler

by Sana Ullah & Luis Majano

Coldbox SES

by Sana Ullah & Luis Majano

Simple Blog

by Henrik Joreteg & Luis Majano

Ajax ColdBoxReader

by Oscar Arevalo

Transfer Sample

by Luis Majano
A very simple CRUD and Listing application using Mark Mandel's Transfer Library. This is a great example to learn how to tuse the Transfer Library and the ColdBox Framework.

Advanced Transfer Sample

by Ernst van der Linden

Security & Transfer Sample

by Ernst van der Linden & Luis Majano

Illidium cfc Code Generator

by Brian Rinaldi

This is a port of the actual application. It is by far specifically designed for ColdBox. It might contain unusual or redundant code.