Today we are excited in bringing you CFCouchbase SDK version 2.2.0. A big thanks to Mr. Aaron Benton, as he is the current maintainer of the SDK with us. Thanks Aaron, your dedication is greatly appreciated.

This release of the CFCouchbase SDK brings support for the latest JDK v2.5.4, adds support for RBAC (Role Based Access Control) which was introduced in Couchbase Server 5.0.0.

These changes will allow you to take advantage of the new Ephemeral buckets in Couchbase Server 5, which are memory only buckets and ideal candidates for caching implementations. To find out more about all of the features in Couchbase Server 5 check out the SDK release notes and blog post

Getting Started

You can get started easily with CFCouchbase by just leveraging CommandBox CLI: box install cfcouchbase. If you are updating your SDK, then just issue a box udpate cfcouchbase and you are done!

Release Notes



Please visit our CFCouchbase page for all the necessary resources.