Eric Peterson

December 21, 2017

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A short one but a good one today. Let's see how we can automate tasks with [CommandBox Githooks.](

CommandBox Githooks

What are Githooks?

Githooks run on different git actions, like pre-commit and post-checkout. They allow you to hook in to git's lifecycle to execute tasks. Some examples of these tasks are enforcing a commit message format in pre-commit or installing dependencies in post-checkout. This is more useful than it may sound — I know I often forget to install new dependencies when checking out a branch. Automating that step helps me spend less time debugging in the wrong direction.

Running Githooks with CommandBox

CommandBox Githooks lets you use CommandBox, CFML, and your box.json to manage these githooks for your project. You configure it in three steps.

  1. Install commandbox-githooks for CommandBox. This step only needs to be done once per CommandBox installation.
  2. Configure CommandBox Githooks for your repository by running githooks install. This will set up CommandBox to handle the githooks.

    Note: This needs to be done on each user's local repository as githooks are not synced.

  3. Add a githooks struct to your box.json. The keys of this struct are the camel-case names of the githooks (post-checkout => postCheckout). The value is either a single command or an array of commands to run for the githook.

Let's show you what this actually looks like:

Wrap up

CommandBox Githooks can save you mental energy and time debugging by helping you automate githook tasks with CommandBox and CFML. Try it out today!

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Dec 21, 2017 08:09:32 UTC

by John Farrar

This is one of the greatest integration points for CFML developers. Remember if you think hooks are missing they are likely hooks that should be run from your origin repository, a.k.a. BitBucket or some other server.

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